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    It's the Rowing Team's Fault

    Someone has to take responsibility for the last 50-years.
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    Regardless of defensive front, Gophers want better results in the end

    "Claeys, however, did not hide his disdain for Jalen Myrick’s 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that propelled a Colorado State drive in the fourth quarter. The Rams would score two plays later to cut Minnesota’s lead to 31-24 with six minutes left in the game. “He’s wrong. Period,”...
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    Gophers hope to fill TCF Bank Stadium via more wins, capped donation amount

    "“I’ve visited with a lot of people, and the main reason the tickets are down is because of the increase in the donation,” Claeys said." Thank god Woody self destructed when he did before bringing the entire ship down with him. In addition, we are very fortunate Coyle stepped in and stopped...
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    One more important reason to build a wall around our state

    Perhaps even more important than keeping recruits in state, we need that wall to keep the skunks out. In the mean time, lock your doors!
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    Drunk Skunks

    Nothing we didn't already know about our neighbors to the east. However do note that the blundering herd to our west are trying like hell to unrank them.
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    Attaching Computer Image (photo) to a Private Message

    Dumb question, why do you only get the URL option when you click on the Insert Image icon for a private message and not also the Computer option? How do I insert an image (photo) saved on my computer into a private message? Thanks in advance for any insights.
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    U Tix Office and 2016 Season Tix Renewals

    I got my annual call from the U tix office and spoke with a nice young guy about last season and the upcoming 2016 season ticket renewal process. I know you're all anxiously awaiting my report. For those of you who are still reading this post, here's the gist of things. As I did last year, I...
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    Today’s Economy – World, US and Local

    First, reports about the world and US economies (Go USA!). Then there are reports about MN’s nice problem and finally Scottie Walker’s WI (will the skunks ever learn?!?). “The European Central Bank is cutting interest rates...
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    Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs

    This person or people who did the shooting are as bad if not worse than the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda. What a coward(s)!!!
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    Sunny vs. Shady Side Debate: It's Official, Sunny Side Wins Hands Down

    It was amusing to see a half full stadium where one side, the sunny/"visitor" side, was packed and the shady/"home" side was next to empty. You could tell where the shade line was by watching where the students were and who slowly shifted north during the game. If anyone took pics of these two...
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    North Korea turns back clocks to create new time zone

    Does this mean they're going back to the 18th century? If so, why? They were so close to getting out of the 19th.
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    Teague's expenses detail golfing trips, limo rides, steak dinners... I have no idea if these are reasonable expenses and activities but the average joe is not going to like it.
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    Pioneer Press and Teague

    On the one hand, I'm glad the U got out front on this matter so we can move on quickly and hopefully get a much better AD as a result. On the other hand, it is embarrassing and disheartening to have the leader of our athletic department put such a negative light on the U...
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    A&M Fans Score Tix after TCU AD Tweets Out Promo Code

    Pretty funny story. Yeah, it's about baseball but there are some football pics including one of our upcoming opponent putting the hurt on bucky which alone makes it worthy of posting here. The fan banter is pretty good natured and clever. A&M and TCU fans are some of the best. Looking...
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    $190 Million New Facilities

    I was almost dumb enough to send the U a check to help with this effort. Thankfully, I'm a procrastinator! In light of new ticket prices, who is bailing on: A. Season football tickets? B. Making a donation toward the $190 million in facilities upgrades? C. All of the above? I think it is...
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    Wear GOLD and Wave a GOLD Towel

    For Gopher fans attending this Saturday's game, I would encourage everyone to bring a GOLD towel to wave. Most Gopher fans will be split up and sitting high up where it is hard for the players to hear us. I think we'll have fans all over the place for this one and will make some noise but waving...
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    It's Official - We have turned the corner!

    Kill & Co. have left do doubt that we have turned the corner and MN is relevant beyond a doubt. A huge win in Lincoln puts an exclamation mark on it!:clap:! Now let's go get the axe and a rematch with OSU! SKI-U-MAH and Go Gophers! P.S. - this officially ends the Mason / Kill comparison...
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    I like this. The players will be motivated to move back up. Note Nebraska is at 21. Go Gophers!
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    Rolling Stone

    This is when you know you made it big time: SKI-U-MAH and Go Gophers!
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