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  1. everybody knows my name

    Minnesota football will be without 20 players tonight against Purdue

    It could be 15 injuries, 1 covid case, and 4 players exposed and under quarantine. It could also be 19 covid cases and 1 injury. We don't know.
  2. everybody knows my name

    Zack Annexstad is still on the roster. I checked.

    What kind of doghouse do you have to be in to be held out of a game like this one?
  3. everybody knows my name

    Pat Forde: America, Realigned: A Radical Reimagining of the NCAA Landscape (The Great Midwest Conf: uw, MN, Missouri, NDSU, Kansas, etc.)

    Although I don't like it, I could live with most of this. The exception is the Michigan directional schools. Let them live in the shadow of Meatchicken and MSU. We can find some better candidates in the real Midwest. St Thomas, SDSU, and Northwestern, for instance.
  4. everybody knows my name

    Favorite moment of the 19-20 season

    The Penn State game was when it became clear that this year's team was special, and had taken a big step forward. I loved that whole day, from start to finish. But the best moment of this season for me came in the second half of the Auburn game, when it became clear that the Auburn DBs...
  5. everybody knows my name

    Jerry Kill: “I’ve been known as a fix-it guy. We’ll see if I still have that title or get fired. I’m like anybody else.”

    I still like and respect Jerry. I'm not on board with the "hate him because he isn't our guy anymore" crowd. He's a heck of a coach, and he knows the game inside and out. As far as mocking his offenses is concerned, it's true that the defense came along faster than the offense while he was...
  6. everybody knows my name

    Winfield made the All-Combine team

    There's no Cause & Effect relationship, but it indicates that he performed well and people noticed.
  7. everybody knows my name

    Colorado Unretiring 3 Numbers After Requests From Recruits

    I suppose it has less to do with angry undead players than it has to do with honoring a commitment to remember forever the contributions of a great teammate. You retire a number as an everlasting tribute to an individual's greatness. It's a way of saying "we'll never forget you." I guess in...
  8. everybody knows my name

    Favor to ask the fans in Minnesota, in your state, that still follow Highschool

    I bet a moderator could help you make that change. I did it once on another message board, but that must have been 10+ years ago.
  9. everybody knows my name

    Favor to ask the fans in Minnesota, in your state, that still follow Highschool

    You're a basketball fan and you've never heard of Edgerton? If I could find a skeptical emoji I would use it.
  10. everybody knows my name

    Who hates Iowa?!

    I happen to hate Iowa. I have many reasons, but you don't really need a reason.
  11. everybody knows my name

    Totally Unscientific Report from SEC Country

    I don't think self loathing or self-respect play any part in it. I think it's about knowing your history and your image. Most coaches are ambitious, and they see in Minnesota the same thing that SEC fans see: a steppingstone. That's why I posted what I did about finding someone who already...
  12. everybody knows my name

    Totally Unscientific Report from SEC Country

    I'm still not a Fleck lover, though I do like to win. I'll put up with a lot from a winner. And I take him at his word when he says "twenty years." But in the event that he doesn't stick around, our best bet is to snag a highly qualified Minnesotan, or at least a former Gopher. Someone who...
  13. everybody knows my name

    Jerry Kill to TCU

    Say what you want, but he's a good communicator, a talented administrator and an able XO guy.
  14. everybody knows my name

    Fleck on Annexstad: “probably a week away from actually being 100 percent”

    Competition at QB can only be a good thing. Annexstad was a pretty darned good true freshman QB. And even if Annexstad doesn't unseat Morgan, he should have three years of eligibility left, which puts him in a great position for the future.
  15. everybody knows my name

    Way-Too-Early 2020 Top 25 (Gophers at #13)

    Of course I agree with you and my post was humorous. But on the other hand, life as a Gophers fan is full of surprises.
  16. everybody knows my name

    Way-Too-Early 2020 Top 25 (Gophers at #13)

    We'll be unranked in the preseason, that's just how it is when you're Minnesota. But we'll claim #26.
  17. everybody knows my name

    PJ Coaching with is 7 - 1 in three years with extra time to prepare for games.

    PJ done has certainly an job impressive situations all in.
  18. everybody knows my name

    Stadium Expansion

    I've been here for all the discussions about stadium expansion, and most everything else, too. The fact is there's nothing new under the sun, nothing new to talk about. I will never understand why some people think they need to be the discussion board cop and browbeat anyone who raises an old...
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