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    PJ Fleck on Pat McAfee Show - Minnesota did NOT void the night game with Penn State

    Didn't see this on another post, please move if this has already been posted. Most interesting part comes at the end where Coach Fleck makes it clear Minnesota did not void the night game with Penn State.
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    All Things New Gopher Uniforms/Helmets Thread: UPDATED 1/20 with New Uniforms!!!

    I have to give props for the great fake out with this pick: I was wondering why they put a dash between the U and M. Ski-U-Mah.
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    Great Video of Final Touchdown!

    I don't know if this has been posted, but this video is fantastic! You know what's coming, and it's still amazing. You will watch this more than once.
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    Gilreath: TCF is "No Camp Randall"

    This writer is just full of insults of the Gopher Program, the New Stadium, and the Fans. He/she tries to temper the insults, but there is a complete lack of respect for the Program.
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    Lee Campbell Interview

    Nothing too earth-shaking in this interview with Northwestern's Student Newspaper, but I was a little surprised by what he said about Weber's strength: Daily Sports: Who's the strongest guy on Minnesota's football team? Lee Campbell: Our defensive tackle Barrett Moen, he can clean 380 pounds...
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    Beau Allen Update

    Brief mention of Allen's unofficial to TCF Bank Stadium: Allen attended the Air Force at Minnesota game last weekend, the opening game at TCF Bank Stadium. "It was pretty neat," Allen said. "I think I'll go back for the Minnesota-Wisconsin game at TCF. That's usually a pretty good game."...
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    ESPN Recruiting Prediction: Seantrel to Gophers

    Obviously this is just a guess on his part, but I thought it was interesting: No. 4 -- OL Seantrel Henderson (St. Paul, Minn./Cretin-Derham) Henderson's father says his son will make official visits to Oklahoma, Ohio State, USC, Florida and Notre Dame. He is also considering several other...
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    Syracuse Assistant: "(Minnesota) in for a rude awakening".

    Syracuse assistant coach John Anselmo had Minnesota on his mind Tuesday at the end of a video interview with the SU Athletic Department's All-Access web feature. "Yeah, I'm excited about Minnesota coming in here," Anselmo said. "I think they'll be in for a rude awakening. This is a different...
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    New Gopher Stadium Video

    So is the Recruiting Room 3 times bigger than the Visitor's Locker Room? 4?
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