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    All Things Richard Pitino Tweets

    Why am I not seeing any of the photos or videos that are posted? All I see are diagonal gray lines and a red circle with a red line through it in the upper left hand corner!
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    Good news if Mr. Fuller is correct.
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    After all these comments, still waiting for some definitive information re David Mutaf being able to enroll at the U and play basketball for the Goofers.
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    So it appears the U will have to "invent" at least one non-online class for Mutaf to take to get around this new directive. Hey, Gopher Lady, any insight into this problemo?
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    Does Trump's decision to block new international students from coming to this country affect David Mutaf and his scholarship? Any answers out there?
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    Carr status?

    Any word on his decision whether to return or stay in draft? Thought yesterday was deadline.
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    Purdue coach says...

    No such place!
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    Austin Nichols

    Any interest/chance in Memphis transfer Austin Nichols....supposedly Notre Dame and Marquette in hot pursuit.
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