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    NDSU football playing 10/3

    NDSU will play Oct 3 at Fargodome to showcase 2 potential 1st round NFL draft picks. 2 Minnesotans. QB Trey Lance of Marshall & LT Dillon Radunz of Becker . Game will be on ESPN channels supposedly and will be a great way to get 20 practices in this fall as well. NDSU is working on more...
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    PJ FLECK in NDSU territory 2nite.

    P J Fleck is speaking in West Fargo right now and its absolutely gorgeous out here. Very entertaining speech as usual.. about 20-25 out of 150-200 are NDSU fans showing love with the rest obviously maroon and gold. Jokingly ducking the questions about playing NDSU again, everyone having a good...
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    Win Penn State Coin Toss... what to do.

    I say. take the ball and get a fast start. That is such a key in a game like this in my opinion , score and you put pressure on them and crowd noise . now... the Vikings/NDSU always defer to have thier loud crowd noise force a quick 3 and out so I could see both ways. hmmm
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    page not found

    Hmm, we can't reach this page. Try this Make sure you’ve got the right web address: Refresh the page Search for what you want no matter what, I get this message about every couple minutes, its aggravating as hell!! make it stop, took me 15 minutes just to write...
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