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  1. WindyCityGopher

    Badgers QB Coan Has Surgery on Injured Foot, Will Miss Extended Time

    Fascinating implications on the B1G West race, and our game at Madison on 11/28. Jack Coan, the University of Wisconsin football team’s senior quarterback, suffered a foot injury at practice this weekend. Rumors of Coan’s injury floated online Saturday, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel...
  2. WindyCityGopher

    Georgetown's Legendary Coach John Thompson Passes Away

    Those early '80s Georgetown teams - especially the one that played the epic 1982 championship against Carolina - ignited my love for college basketball that lives to this day. Thompson was a hell of a coach. RIP.
  3. WindyCityGopher

    BTN Announces Big Ten All-Decade Hoops Team (Murph 3rd Team)

    BTN announcing it's Big Ten All-Decade basketball team, starting today with the Third Team, which includes Jordan Murphy. The same Jordan Murphy who is second in the history of the conference in rebounding. Damn, imagine the career achievements of the 10 guys ahead of him! If Murph is 3rd team...
  4. WindyCityGopher

    "All Things" Curse

    As we lose another highly touted recruit to another school, it again raises something that’s intrigued me since joining GH 7 years ago: that we invest significantly more time, opinion and debate on players that ultimately choose not to attend the University of Minnesota than on those that do. I...
  5. WindyCityGopher

    The Scheme on HBO

    Has anyone watched The Scheme on HBO that details the FBI investigation into payment of college basketball players, and centered on Christian Dawkins? Excellent documentary of a truly wild story. I heard the Feds' case was weak throughout the trial, but the behind-the-scenes story was pretty...
  6. WindyCityGopher

    Beilein may soon be on the market

    Hmmm, verrry interesting possibility. Could the home run hire be right in front of us?
  7. WindyCityGopher

    Retiring Big Ten referee Dan Capron Tell Stories of Coaches and the Conference

    Fun takes from outgoing B1G referee Dan Capron in the Chicago Tribune, including these gems on PJ: P.J. Fleck? He’s very intense. He should probably switch to decaf. I think he thinks that he is still playing the game. And he’s not. But, boy, you can’t argue with the success he has had. He...
  8. WindyCityGopher

    Former Badgers commit Tyler Herro criticizes Wisconsin's system in wake of Kobe King's departure

    Shame what's happening in Madison. Probably a lot of pearl-clutching in Lakeville too.
  9. WindyCityGopher

    Most AP College Football Championships (an ELITE list)

    I like being included among this group. Guessing you could win lots of bets to name the 10 programs that have won the most titles.
  10. WindyCityGopher

    Fleck's $275K among $11.4M in bonuses to college football coaches

    Minnesota: P.J. Fleck ($275,000) $75,000: Sixth win, non-CFP bowl game $100,000: Clinch at least a tie for Big Ten division title $50,000: Big Ten coach of the year by coaches $50,000: Win bowl game over Power Five conference team...
  11. WindyCityGopher

    Gophers ranked 9th in final list by The Athletic

    Stewart Mandel of The Athletic places us ninth in the country and second among Big Ten schools in his second-to-last ranking (only 1/2 with LSU/Clemson is still TBD). We’re up in some rarified air with the big boys here. I love the sound of “Minnesota...Top 10 team.” 1. LSU 2. Clemson 3. Ohio...
  12. WindyCityGopher


    Does anyone else find it slightly disrespectful to Jordan Murphy and his significant contributions to the program that his #3, which will most certainly be in the rafters at some point, has already been given to Bryan Greenlee without even a year's moratorium? As Clay Matthews quipped when the...
  13. WindyCityGopher

    Gophers Helmets Through the Years

    To celebrate college football's 150th anniversary this guy posts a photo of one school's entire helmet history each day from the first game 8/24 through the championship game on 1/13. All 130 FBS schools and 8 Ivy League schools. Here is the Gophers (he's in the middle of the Big Ten at the...
  14. WindyCityGopher

    First 2019 AP Top 25 Poll (Gophers 39th under Others Receiving Votes)

    The first AP Top 25 Poll of the season is out. Here are some tidbits: - Gophers 39th with 7 votes - The Big Ten has the most teams ranked in Top 25 (7), with 2 more receiving votes. The SEC has 6 ranked teams, while the Pac 12 has 5 - Ohio State is the highest ranked conference team, and only...
  15. WindyCityGopher

    Michigan Hires Juwan Howard as Next Head Basketball Coach

    I think this will either be spectacularly successful or spectacularly awful for Michigan. Nothing in the middle. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
  16. WindyCityGopher

    Katz: Oturu One of 5 Sophs Who Can Make Big Impact on 2019-20 College Hoops Season

    Nice acknowledgement of Big Dan's solid freshman season by a respected national college basketball writer, and his potential to be even more of a force next year. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
  17. WindyCityGopher

    Gophers All-Time NFL Team

    I came across an interesting article that listed Pitt's all-time football team, defined not by their success in college, but by their success in the NFL. I was impressed by the names on the list...many Hall of Fame luminaries and others who were excellent NFL players, so I wondered how the...
  18. WindyCityGopher

    Michael Avenatti Goes on Twitter Rant Against Duke

    A late night Tweet storm trying to blow the doors off Nike and St. Krzyzewski. The guy is likely as dirty as the people he's accusing, but there's no denying this stuff is delicious. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> <script async...
  19. WindyCityGopher

    Leaked Women's Tourney Brackets

    SPOILER ALERT: DON'T READ FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ABOUT WHETHER THE GOPHERS MADE THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. Brackets for tonight's women's tourney announcement show were briefly shown on ESPNU and some guy on Twitter captured them. Bad news is the Gophers don't appear to have made it...
  20. WindyCityGopher

    B1G Tournament

    Matchups as they stand today. I don't like this draw at all. Of course with 3 games left things can change up and down the bracket, but with the way we're playing it's going to be a rough road.
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