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    Groshek done at Madison

    I wish him luck as a UFA!
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Yep! One born early in the year and the other later in the year.
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    Mac Jones deserves it...change my mind.

    Holders are real football players! I don't care what anyone says!
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I prefer to remember TK when he first started playing and was named "Two-minute Tommy." Unfortunately, he started to like the booze too much and became "Tanqueray Tommy." He became quite painful to watch at that point!
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    Fleck's Ego

    One could argue that the defensive players that Kill/Claey's brought in played a big part in last year's success. The jury is still out on whether PJ and Rossi can find players of that calibur.
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    2020 Big Ten Title Game.....Calling the Matchup Now

    You're either on to something or on something! Time will tell!
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    No one punts on 4th and goal...

    Does Lovie make it through the week with his job intact?
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    Souhan: One loss doesn't change this: Gophers could yet dominate the market

    I'm beginning to think ol' Jimmy is in a bromance with PJ. After all, they're both very fit!
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    Oct. 7, 1916: 🏈 Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0

    Just curious, did the chart ever say 'go for 2' for Heisman in this game?
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    Nick Saban and Alabama A.D. Both Test Positive For COVID 19

    Seriously, a playoff with Clemson and three Shady Ethics Conference teams may be a blessing for the B1G. Does any team want to play in games where the opponent has a number of players and coaches testing positive for covid-19?
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    Bateman Pick 18 to the Colts?

    Who is slinging the ball for Indy these days? Might not be an ideal spot for him.
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    Anyone peacefully protesting around Gameday?

    Knife wielding anarchist polar bears will ruin it for the peaceful protestors! Count on it!
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    Gophers have worn 27 different helmets in 38 games in Fleck era

    Their day in the sun is setting! Mark my words!!
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    Illinois selling "fan cutouts" packages

    Given the home game attendance for Illini football, I could see this idea bringing in a couple hundred bucks for them.
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    Thankfully, it wasn't football and didn't truck him Goldy style!
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