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    Can you get a plastic flask (with liquid) through the new security devices? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another great article from Fringe Bowl Team

    The Star Tribune should seriously put this guy on the payroll. He's making their team look like little leaguers. Great analysis on quality of wins in the last decade and what to expect for 2010. And it's based on good stats, uses graphs and doesn't use opinion! Actually this guy should TEACH...
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    Most Fun Home Season Since..

    There has been a lot of discussion on good/bad seasons in relationship to wins and losses, but very little if any discussion on overall value of entertainment and fun. I'd like to focus the discussion on home games since that's what we're mostly paying for. I've had season tickets since 1993...
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    Best Bloody Mary?

    Both the basketball and football boards are too depressing. I'm trying to refocus. I'm doing the Friday basketball game/Football game double header. Two games in eighteen hours, should be fun. I can't control the players off-field actions, but I can control my beverage selections. Who has...
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    Gopher Basketball Tickets

    I've got more basketball tickets then I can use. I've got four seats, but separated. Two in upper deck behind the Gopher bench, two in the first row of the upper deck behind the basket.
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    What an awesome day!

    I just logged onto the computer tonight and can't believe how many complainers are on line. Are all the happy people having fun out on the town? Stop and smell the roses sometime, I did - literally. We were sitting outdoors in an absolutely perfect day, in a fantastic stadium, playing the...
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    Need Purdue Tickets

    I have family members that are looking for tickets to the Purdue game. Our tickets are already spoken for. They are gopher fans. Please email me if you have extra tickets. Thanks.
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