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  1. everybody knows my name

    Zack Annexstad is still on the roster. I checked.

    What kind of doghouse do you have to be in to be held out of a game like this one?
  2. everybody knows my name

    Auburn players on Minnesota (link)

    Here's a cool article. I'd love to read a "Minnesota players on Auburn" article. Minnesota has an offensive lineman who weighs about as much as a full-grown tiger and more than Bo Nix and...
  3. everybody knows my name

    2019 Gopher Football Senior Class Tribute (video)

    2019 Gopher Football Senior Class Tribute Fleck: "We have the seniors doing all the right things, setting the right example of how it all is for the young guys, as we move forward over the next decade or two." Did I hear that right?
  4. everybody knows my name

    I wouldn’t draft TJ

    A missed extra point and a missed FG cost us 4 points. PJ losing his cool and having to prove that he can run out on the field faster than the trainer cost us a first and goal. Bateman dropped a pass and Wiley bobbled two kickoffs. Durr dropped an interception. The OL gave up what, six...
  5. everybody knows my name

    What do we know about Penn State?

    I was just perusing the Penn State board and noticed that they don't know anything about the Gophers, and they don't care that they don't know. Their expectations are based almost completely on...
  6. everybody knows my name

    Broken Chair Trophy donation link

    As of this moment the Minnesota side has out-fundraised the Nebraska side $7390 to $4914. When the fundraising period is over the funds will be combined, split evenly, and donated to the Masonic Childrens' Hospital and the Team Jack Foundation. I made my contribution. Hope you'll make yours...
  7. everybody knows my name

    Tanner "The Game Manager" Morgan

    Today's performance: 21/22 for 396 yards, 4 TDs and 0 interceptions. Now imagine what the Gophers could have accomplished if he was any good.
  8. everybody knows my name

    Fresno State Bark Board

    I always enjoy checking out opponents' forums before we play. Sometimes I even register and post. But not this time. There's no friendly discourse with these Fresno State fans. They're an entertaining combination of delusional and condescending. Of course that isn't really a surprise. I...
  9. everybody knows my name

    SDSU Jackrabbits forum

    I bopped on over to the SDSU board to do some lurking/skulking and see what they're saying about the Gophers game. Two things I noticed: first, they aren't too optimistic about beating the U. And second, there's a new user over there called GSUsTALON, and it looks like he's the busiest poster...
  10. everybody knows my name

    Sorry SEC, the Big Ten has the nation's best receivers (ESPN+ exclusive content)
  11. everybody knows my name

    Fun Topic on Huskerboard

    Check out this fun topic on the Nebraska board: a Most Interesting Opposing Player poll. A great idea, right? I'm not the guy to do it, but it would be cool if someone would create a similar poll thread on...
  12. everybody knows my name

    ...May be an improved team, but not have an improved record...

    Someone writes this about the Gophers every single stinking year. The team will be better than last year, but their record might not be improved. It's a summer fixture in Minnesota. I haven't even read the previews. Just tell me who wrote it this year.
  13. everybody knows my name

    Oh no, Coyle, you didn't! (Did you?)
  14. everybody knows my name

    Prep Bowl gawking

    The McCabe kid from Caledonia looks like a real prospect. Big, strong, tough, mean, and fast. Benhart from Lakeville is gargantuan, and the Lakeville O-line looks good. Rajah Nelson (?) from Lakeville cuts like an x-acto knife, but I didn't like when he caught a long pass, strutted up to the...
  15. everybody knows my name

    Who wins a fight between all of the Big Ten coaches?

    I totally stole this topic from the Nebraska board ( I would post a poll, but this forum allows a maximum of ten choices and that isn't fair to four field generals who would get omitted. Mike Leach entertained the same question with regard to the Pac-12 coaches. That...
  16. everybody knows my name


    If Illinois wasn't so bad, this would be a Nebraska 1983 situation. Minnesota and Illinois have traded places in the B1G hierarchy.
  17. everybody knows my name

    History with Nebraska:

    Minnesota -vs- Nebraska is the 7th most played series in Nebraska history, with Minnesota leading all-time 32-24-2...
  18. everybody knows my name

    All-Time Great Minnesota-OSU Highlight: Dom Jones Clobbers a Buckeye

    The lone bright spot in an otherwise miserable game.
  19. everybody knows my name

    SoS Related: Fresno State Dominates UCLA

    Fresno State 38 - UCLA 14 Thorough statistical dominationby FresSU.
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