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  1. MNSpaniel

    High 3 star OL Saia Mapakaitolo commits!

    Is he a fall 2021 guy or a 2022 guy? Maybe it is in the post but missed it.
  2. MNSpaniel

    Dave Lee to retire

    I'm kind of with this take. I really don't like the over the top guys on the radio. They sound like a kid trying to get noticed. I am definitely in the minority but I never understood everyone complaining about him. I will add before everyone bashes me IMO .....
  3. MNSpaniel

    Who’s your 4?

    I just think these conference championship games should be viewed as a play-off. You lose and your out.
  4. MNSpaniel

    2nd and 3rd string QBs

    I wish the Gophers would put in the back-up whenever the game is out of hand .. either winning or losing. P.J. seems to keep his starters in too long during those situations. It would be nice to get them game experience.
  5. MNSpaniel

    2nd and 3rd string QBs

    I haven't really seen a back-up QB this year. Who would be 2nd and 3rd on the depth charts. I am sure Morgan will be back next year because he hasn't helped his draft stock this year. Just wondering if there will be an open competition next year or will the job just be handed to him.
  6. MNSpaniel

    Lovie Smith gone

    Lovie may have had a tough time at Illinois but he was a class individual. I watch some of his press conferences. No excuses ... just honest down to earth answers. It was quite refreshing. He was likable and probably why he lasted as long as he dd.
  7. MNSpaniel

    It must suck being a Nebraska fan right now

    I was surprised nobody asked Frost about losing to a team that had as many players missing as the Gophers did. Maybe P.J kept that a secret right up to the start of the game?
  8. MNSpaniel

    Morgan should run once in a while

    I think they should call Morgan's number once in a while in that RPO. It just shouldn't running back or pass. He always carries the fake out and you can see that nobody even gives him a look. They all just crash in on the running back. I think if he kept it once in a while like Leidner used...
  9. MNSpaniel

    RIP Sid Hartman 😢

    He was still on the radio at 99 years of age. I know he needed some help but he was still doing it at that age which is astonishing !!!!
  10. MNSpaniel

    Deion Sanders announces he will become Jackson State’s football coach

    Many of those young guys are going to be impressed with those guys coming into their houses even if it by ZOOM. They can all spin the BS pretty well. I predict some pretty good recruiting classes in the short term at least. If it turns out nobody can coach then things might change. Getting...
  11. MNSpaniel


    Thanks .... I haven't been to this site very often since they first decided to delay the start of the season. That is good news.
  12. MNSpaniel


    Now that there is going to be a season could Dunlap return or is he gone for sure? Wonder if Fleck has reached out for him to get him to return?
  13. MNSpaniel

    Take the Wonderlic test and report your score.

    I got 41 but was racing against the clock .... but the TV was playing in the background ... and my wife was telling me to get off the computer and come talk to her ... and I am extremely young and I will be extremely young next year ... in fact I am one of the youngest on this board ... but that...
  14. MNSpaniel

    Promotion of concussions and Alzheimer's?

    I played DII football and after my senior season was over some Rugby Club players were trying to get me to play with them because I didn't have to worry about football anymore. I told them I got beat up wearing pads so in no way did I want to play without pads. The one guy was telling me...
  15. MNSpaniel

    JD Spielman has taken a personal leave from the Nebraska football team

    Whether he would be coming to Minnesota or not ... why would he need a scholarship with all the money his Dad makes with the Vikings? Let him walk on and use the scholarship for someone who needs the financial assistance more.
  16. MNSpaniel

    Randy Moss's son crazy stats if true

    Well that sounds more realistic. 41 passes and 41 TDs would have him plastered all over ESPN and recruiting boards.
  17. MNSpaniel

    Randy Moss's son crazy stats if true

    From the Star Tribune: Reporting that he will go to Maine. Says he had 41 receptions and 41 TDs. I'm betting there will or should be a correction on that. Montigo Moss attended Fort Union (Virginia) Military Academy and is a wide receiver. Last season he had 41 touchdowns, 41 receptions...
  18. MNSpaniel

    Decommits under PJ Fleck - Where are they now?

    Linebacker was my thought too. He just wanted to be on the other side of the line of scrimmage.
  19. MNSpaniel

    Decommits under PJ Fleck - Where are they now?

    Always liked this kid ... James Johannesson ... Thought if he ever got in a game he could show what he could do. However, was buried too deep on the depth chart. Once I saw this thread I was curious what he did for North Dakota. Stats below: It didn't paste the way it was on the screen...
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