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  1. HoustonTXGopher

    Here's What we know.....

    I have no idea how many wins this 2020 Gopher team will finish with. Here is what I do know..... Michigan is straight up trash Maryland is not good but has some nice weapons on offense Illinois can make any BIG team look like a Rose Bowl participant The Gophers offense is continually getting...
  2. HoustonTXGopher

    Nice Winfield Article
  3. HoustonTXGopher

    Best Off Season of My Life

    Gophers are headed into the off season coming off an 11-2 season and a win over a mighty SEC team. We can be proud of our Gophers unlike any off season in my 54 years on this earth and 35 of them as a Gopher fan. There are only three teams from this year that were distinctly better than we...
  4. HoustonTXGopher

    Tanner Morgan 2.0

    Tanner has proven that he is an elite college QB, no question about that. I wonder if there is an entirely different dimension to Tanner that we haven't seen yet because of limited talent behind him this year. I think opponents were able to completely discount Tanner running the ball, which...
  5. HoustonTXGopher

    PSU Should Have Probably Won That Game

    I haven't heard it discussed at all, but if PSU would have just traditionally taken their points when offered to them they probably remain unbeaten: Had they kicked the extra point instead of going for two......4 point differential Had they kicked the field goal on fourth down inside the ten...
  6. HoustonTXGopher

    Shannon Brooks

    We all love Shannon and everything he has fought through to get back on the field, but he has to know when to quit fighting for that extra worthless inch and go down or get out of bounds. I guess you have to take the good with the bad with Shannon's running style, but that fumble cost us points...
  7. HoustonTXGopher

    CFP Poll Tuesday, November 5th

    The first CFP poll will be released Tuesday evening and I am interested in where everyone thinks the Gophers and Penn State will be ranked. In addition will the committee go ahead and put LSU and Alabama one and two for their anticipated matchup next week? I believe the committee will have the...
  8. HoustonTXGopher

    Road Trip

    My wife and I will be leaving Houston on Thursday, November 21 to make our way to Chicago for the Northwestern game. Happy to hear any suggestions on where to stay. Probably take in the Bears/Giants game the following day. After a successful weekend in Chicago we will head to Minneapolis to...
  9. HoustonTXGopher

    If the BIG were the SEC

    Here is what the polls would look like if the BIG were actually the SEC 1. Ohio St 2. Clemson 3. Wisconsin 4. LSU 5. Oklahoma 6. Penn State 7. Alabama 8. Minnesota 9. Notre Dame 10. Oregon
  10. HoustonTXGopher

    Success Breeds Success

    The snowball is rolling down hill gathering momentum with every revolution, which will hopefully gather resources along the way. PJ Fleck saw the future when very few Minnesotans could have ever imagined that three seasons into the "Fleck Era" he would have our guys basking in a 6-0 start, with...
  11. HoustonTXGopher

    Eric Murray on SNF

    As the starting defense introduced themselves and their alma mater we saw Eric Murray, Minnesota. My wife immediately sarcastically noted, he didn't say Row the Boat, Ski U Mah and Go Gophers! My wife, she gets it!
  12. HoustonTXGopher

    University of Minnesota Campus

    After just having driven through several college campuses, I started thinking about what our University of Minnesota could do to beautify and update the campus. My first thought was the walking bridge between the east and west bank needs a complete overhaul if not a total rebuild. Can anyone...
  13. HoustonTXGopher

    Gopher Football Facilities

    The football team now uses the 1.5 fields outside and has the new indoor facility as part of the new athletes village, will they continue to use the indoor field in the old football complex? Can someone help me break this all down? Thanks in advance.
  14. HoustonTXGopher

    College Athletes Getting Paid

    Should college athletes get paid on top of the scholarship and other benefits that they receive? What ever your thoughts are on this, I am trying to asses whether a move to letting players capitalize on their celebrity would help or hurt U of M athletics? I feel like if a college athlete is...
  15. HoustonTXGopher

    Vikings, Super Bowl and Economics

    If the Vikings make the Superbowl, what kind of economic impact would that have on the state and the Twin Cities. Houston estimated that $350 million was brought to the local economy in 2017. My guess is that the cities could lose $75-$100 million from last years totals if the home team makes...
  16. HoustonTXGopher

    Brewster to Texas aTm

    Played golf with one of my buddies today that is a die hard Aggie and he was so excited that Tim Brewster was joining Aggie Savior Jimbo Fischer as a part of his staff. I assume Brewster will serve Texas aTm much in the role he did at FSU. Anyway, I just shrugged and told him that Brewster is...
  17. HoustonTXGopher

    Winfield Jr and the Medical Redshirt

    Fleck has made it clear that he has a plan and it will come to fruition starting in 2020. Fleck has often gushed over the skills of Antoine Winfield Jr and I am sure he would love to have Antoine lead the defense in 2021. So, any chance Antoine was shut down early to fully recover in order to...
  18. HoustonTXGopher

    Shiny sparkly maroon helmets with a stripe!

    :clap: :clap:
  19. HoustonTXGopher

    Could use an Oar in Houston

    Can't wait for Thursday night kickoff, but in the mean time we could use an extra oar from PJ down here in Houston. This Gopher faithful has been fortunate so far living in The Woodlands, (home of the Winfields) a suburb of Houston 35 miles north. We have had about 15 inches of rain so far...
  20. HoustonTXGopher


    It's the best I got and I apologize if someone thought of it prior. Give us your best Fleck and Minnesota play on words.
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