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  1. MNSpaniel

    2nd and 3rd string QBs

    I haven't really seen a back-up QB this year. Who would be 2nd and 3rd on the depth charts. I am sure Morgan will be back next year because he hasn't helped his draft stock this year. Just wondering if there will be an open competition next year or will the job just be handed to him.
  2. MNSpaniel

    Morgan should run once in a while

    I think they should call Morgan's number once in a while in that RPO. It just shouldn't running back or pass. He always carries the fake out and you can see that nobody even gives him a look. They all just crash in on the running back. I think if he kept it once in a while like Leidner used...
  3. MNSpaniel


    Now that there is going to be a season could Dunlap return or is he gone for sure? Wonder if Fleck has reached out for him to get him to return?
  4. MNSpaniel

    Randy Moss's son crazy stats if true

    From the Star Tribune: Reporting that he will go to Maine. Says he had 41 receptions and 41 TDs. I'm betting there will or should be a correction on that. Montigo Moss attended Fort Union (Virginia) Military Academy and is a wide receiver. Last season he had 41 touchdowns, 41 receptions...
  5. MNSpaniel

    Auburn Plainsman

    Quite a few good reads in the local Auburn paper on Minnesota game. Just type in Auburn Plainsman and it will come up.
  6. MNSpaniel

    Hockey = less D I football players

    I am not from a hockey area so will rely on insight from others. Was wondering if those in the know think that because we have so many DI and DII hockey players in Minnesota ... does that take away athletes that would be DI scholarship football players. If so ... just in looking at them from...
  7. MNSpaniel


    Will Faalele be back for the bowl game? Have not heard that he wouldn't or would be playing.
  8. MNSpaniel

    Paul Chryst - not a bad guy

    I have probably read more about Paul Chryst and have listened to more of his interviews this year than I ever have. I know a lot of you could never put the fact that he is coach at Wisconsin aside ... however, I think he is a nice, down to earth guy that a lot of us would love if he were our...
  9. MNSpaniel

    Less Predictable

    I hope we run a few less predictable plays in certain areas. I know during the regular season there may not have been a viable option if Morgan got hurt so they didn't run him hardly at all. However, in the bowl game I would like to see him keep the ball once in a while to keep the defense...
  10. MNSpaniel

    Any time signing period

    I remember someone on here mentioning that kids should be able to sign anytime they decide they are ready to commit to a school. Who would that benefit the most? Schools like Minnesota or helmet schools? I see it being good for the schools if they can get a kid to really commit and not just...
  11. MNSpaniel

    Crowd control getting on rail

    This is my first experience using the light rail at the stadium sight. I think they need to do a little better with crowd control. Especially on days with expected big crowds. There was no manageable crowd control with getting on the train. At Viking and Twin's games they have guide rails...
  12. MNSpaniel

    Who is the next Seth Green

    Seth Green has been such a weapon. I wonder if they are grooming someone else to do the same thing once Green is gone? Then will other teams imitate the Gophers in this model seeing they have been so successful with it?
  13. MNSpaniel

    Disadvantage for Big Ten Teams

    One thing I never hear the analysts or announcers talk about is how the Big Ten is usually at a disadvantage in bowl games. Most of the games are played out west or down south. Usually a pretty short distance for the southern or western teams but a long distance for the Big Ten fans. So...
  14. MNSpaniel

    Bad wins in bowl game determination

    I have always heard that no win in a bad win. However, when determining who goes to the top bowl games "Bad Wins" should factor in. Every year there are teams that squeak by teams they should just pound. I think that should be part of the consideration when choosing the top four. Notre...
  15. MNSpaniel

    Wisconsin Going For Score Instead of Taking a Knee

    I was surprised to see Wisconsin going for the score with 13 seconds left in the game instead of taking a knee. Wonder if there is some bad blood between those teams. I know some of you would never root for Wisconsin but I always root for all Big Ten teams during Bowl Season.
  16. MNSpaniel

    Sack Master

    With these a number of good prospects on the D-Line coming in it got me wondering whatever happened to that kid that got limited playtime but when he did he got a sack. Sorry ... I am always terrible at remembering names. It was something like 4 plays and 3 sacks. Plus I think he caused...
  17. MNSpaniel


    I know we are celebrating the Gophers win against Wis. tonight. A couple things. I was actually at a movie and thought I recorded the game to watch later. It turned out the DVR did not record it. Is there a later time in the week that it will be played again? Here are just the post season...
  18. MNSpaniel

    What did Fleck say in post game press conference?

    What was the take away in the post game press conference besides the normal cliches?
  19. MNSpaniel

    Tackling is poor at all levels

    I think it is a trend in higher level football and that seems that nobody wraps the runner or receiver up anymore. They just come in with the shoulder. It the runner is strong or as good balance they either don't go down at all or gain enough extra yards for the first down. I noticed it a lot...
  20. MNSpaniel

    Merry Christmas Gopherholers!

    Don't know if someone else has one of these going ... if so my bad. I enjoy coming here and reading all the news and opinions. Merry Christmas to all the Gophers fans. Hopefully a very Happy New Year for Gopher Football!
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