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    Big 10 Subs

    Technically 30 Bales in Hopkins, but Big 10 apparently has their subs back on the menu again. They did this last time we shut down. I wish they'd just keep them on the menu full-time but exciting news when we could all use some.
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    No death penalty for Boston bomber This is sad news. Also sad that yahoo will no longer allow people to comment on their articles.
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    Gophers at Indiana comeback win from 97

    will be shown in a condensed 1 hour format Thursday at 8:30 pm on BTN.
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    205 players have declared early for the NBA draft- not counting seniors
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    Tulane guard declares for draft and arrested and charged with murder all in one week!
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    I don't know what to think about this team

    In the preseason poll, I voted for 6 Big 10 wins this season so obviously I did not think this was a very good team. At no point during the season have they shown the ability to win multiple games in a row against quality competition. So, why am I so deflated over a .500 team that already has...
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    ESPN with no shame (obviously)

    For the past two days ESPNU has shown nothing but Duke basketball games from last season. Who wouldn't want to go there? I mean every single game is on tv at least four times.
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    Iowa vs Michigan St 1993 is on ESPNU

    If anyone is interested in watching an old Big 10 game. In fact, this is the game after Chris Street's death. Can't wait to see some 35 foot Kingsbury bombs. Ugh, Kingsbury isn't even on the team. I'll settle for Shawn Respert on MSU.
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    The Journey

    The BTN show had a feature on Gabe, Oturu, and Omersa this week and it is a very good watch. They all seem like great kids and hopefully are part of the Gophers resurgence.
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    Iowa announcer suspended for season for referring to Bruno Fernando as King Kong This is unforgivable! Easily the worst thing I've ever heard. Heads need to roll. Awful white man...
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    I don't seen any threads about his "injury" last night so I assume that's good news. Has anyone heard anything at all or is this just a non-issue?
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    Great game, Isaiah Washington

    Without him, we lose by 15 tonight. I think this was about as perfect a game as he can play. I'm sure Pitino will give him lots of public and private praise. It certainly appears he bought into Pitino's message for one game at least.
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    Dip **** again

    runs into a player, falls down, and gets a charge on a made three by Xavier that would have cut the lead to three.
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    WF asst coach charged with killing NY tourist Terrible situation all the way around.
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    Selection Show

    has a small in studio audience adding to the awfulness. I've seen more enthusiasm when the contestants of Press Your Luck were announced.
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    TV Schedule/Announcers 4:00 p.m.: S5. Minnesota vs. S12. Middle Tennessee State at Milwaukee, Wisc. (TNT/Carter Blackburn, Debbie Antonelli, Mike Gminski and Lisa Byington)
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    James Blackmon's wikipedia page

    Sophomore year Couldn't guard a chair according to Dan Dakich.
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