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    SEC/ACC fan for a year

    Looks like I'll have to be an SEC/ACC fan this year. What's your opinion: is there a particular team that is appropriate to "adopt?" Auburn? What is the consensus regarding which team should be our new temporary "home" team?
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    Can we give the man a DAMN RAISE?????

    Oh, I know about the $1M. But the word is out. It's all the f*** over. It's time for real $$. We need to get out of our own way and just pull out the pocketbook. Pronto. This is what we've been waiting for - if we blow this, we have only ourselves to blame.
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    Any word on Willis?

    Heard anything about Payton's status?
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    Thank you, Daniel House

    Daniel - you outwork ANYONE on the web. ANYONE. You are a treasure here. And, fell gopherholers, look around. What other board has someone like Daniel? We are seeing the development of a national-level personality. Let's show him so love. Back to you, Daniel: I can't say enough...
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    In other words, good job on doing what you've been doing and this time having the ball go down. Keep your chins up guys! Morons on here will say otherwise, but you're on the right track.
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    Maybe we all just need to calm down

    Nights like the one that went down at Iowa happen. They happen to almost everyone. The ball just doesn't go down and you score 50. And you lose. Then people say things like: No ball motion! Stop forcing up bad shots! No offensive philosophy! Etc. But if the ball goes down? Love the ball...
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    If someone has a Huskerboard account...

    ...could you please login and sent them a good-luck message on behalf of all of Gopherhole? TYIA.
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    This season doesn't happen if...

    This season doesn’t happen if: (1) Tyler Johnson doesn’t decide to return for his senior year. A major part of the offense’s success depends upon Bateman lining up opposite Johnson. Can’t double both of them. (2) Smith and Brooks didn’t have their season prematurely ended last year...
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    Dr. Don?

    I was reading the pre-game prediction thread wherein many asked about Dr. Don. Lost track. Any word? Worried.
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    Celia, I just listened to your interview. I'm a parent of two boys - one who is a freshman in college and one who is a year out (living in Manhattan working at an AI startup!). I am particularly impressed with you as a person, a voice, a presence, and therefore the parent you were/are. We...
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    Is it all just flame?

    Is all this $h!t about setting screens, motion, cutting, playing defense basically flame? I think basically it is. Look: the Gophs allowed 76 points last game – a point total that leads to a loss more than half the time – but played “good defense.” Why? Because they won. Why? Because they...
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    f**k the fatman

    The Fatman Pat is ready to pounce. But let's preemptively acknowledge him for what he is: a sad fat angry man. Tonight is a time to recognize Pitino for who he is: a young winning admirable man. The kind we want with our program long term. So when the FATman strikes - remember, the evil one...
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    Dr. Don

    I don't think I've seen you post in a while... Are you ok? We miss you!
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    Our Gophers are 3-for-29 in 3-pt shooting over the last two games, clocking in at a whopping 10.3% success rate. For the most part, shot selection looks reasonable. Shots just aren't going down. The consequences of this are far reaching. Not only does it directly result in lost points but it...
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    I like where things stand right now.

    It hasn't been pretty. Sh*t - sometimes it hasn't even been ****able with the assistance of a case of your favorite brew. But I like where things stand right now. Because things boil down to things our guys can control. On the offensive side of things, the Gophers have a scoring median (in...
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    Nebraska looking good against Indiana tonight

    Given the class the Huskers displayed with the McBrayer patches, we should all be pulling for them tonight and the rest of the year. Go Huskers!
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    Yep. Looks just like every other guard. Enough said.
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