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    Monson fired...Tubby fired...

    Who is next? There seems to be a trend at the U. Maybe it's not the coaches? Maybe it's the program and the lack of resources? Monson seems to be doing well at LBSU. Tubby certainly did well before Minnesota and I'm sure he'll do fine somewhere else. It's all fine and dandy to keep firing...
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    Trent Lockett

    I'm sorry to start a separate thread, but I don't think I saw this question posed about Trent. Is it possible that he can accept some of in-state financial assistance instead of an athletic scholarship? I know while Tubby was at UK, a couple of Kentucky kids were able to get a ride on...
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    I'm very proud of this team!

    I thought I'd take the time and post a positive thread about our guys. They played hard, they hustled, they fought for loose balls, rebounds, and everything in between. The coaching staff definitely had the team prepared. It hurts to lose this game, but in the big scheme of things, if this...
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    Dan Dakich putting the U on the blast for bb facilities

    Dan Dakich putting the U on blast for bb facilities He went on an extended rant about how crappy the facilities are at the U compared with the conference brethren. He basically went down list of all the schools and put the administration on blast for not doing enough for the basketball...
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    DeCourcey SN Article: "Tubby still can coach"

    "Tubby still can coach. Not sure if you doubted that or not, but Minnesota’s didn’t start out winless in the Big Ten because Tubby Smith had lost his touch. Smith dusted off a flex offense, which the Gophers rarely had used before but against Indiana looked like the Lakers running Tex Winter's...
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    The Sporting News has the Gophers a 9 seed right now

    They foresee 9 bids from the B1G. Pretty amazing considering we're 0-2 in conference. No reason we can't close the deal this season, despite those 2 rough road losses.
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    Gophers to play Purdue, OSU, Michigan and PSU only once

    The B10 announced the single play schedule for next season. We get to play OSU and Purdue only once this year and that will be in The Barn. We'll play Michigan and Penn State on the road, only once. Not bad!!
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    Julian Welch looks legit to me

    Anyone seen the vids of him? He's got a pretty wicked crossover. He's gonna break some ankles of defenders in the Big Ten next year if he comes here. He can shoot too. Kinda has that Talor Battle game in him. Welch and Andre Hollins would be a nice tango in the 1/2 spot.
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    Why all the long faces?

    C'mon GH'ers! The season isn't over yet. I know it's feeling dreadful around here, but believe it or not, we're not out of it YET. I will concede we need to win the next 3 games though, which sounds tough for this squad, but is certainly doable. I actually thought we'd lose this game...
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    4 more wins

    We're limping toward the end of the season, but I think 4 more wins and that should put us in....barely. Keep in mind the committee does take injuries into consideration, especially with the "possibility" that Nolen could suit up in the tournament. That's gotta count for something. But I...
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    Is Nolen out for the season or not?

    It's been 2 weeks since his injury. Originally, it was supposed to be a 4 week deal. Well that would mean that he could possibly be able to play the last couple of games of the regular season. But then I hear anecdotes that he'll never play again, which means he would miss all games in the...
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    Any reports on Oto?

    Anyone heard anything about his game? He's a mystery so far, though he did appear to have a good 3 pt. shooting stroke in the scrimmage.
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    Wally Judge leaving Kansas State

    And the hits keep coming for Frank Martin. Please Tubby, offer him a scholly!!! :)
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    PG Noah Contrill transferring from WVU

    He pulled a Devoe. Got suspended and left the team. He's a freshmen. Scout and ESPN has him at a 4 star. Think Tubby and Co. should go after him? God knows we need a suitable PG in the worst way next season.
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    Chip Armelin

    I know that Chip is not a stat stuffer, but boy, when he's out on the floor he's very active and just seems to be more involved in the game than Rodney. Rodney will be playing and I wouldn't know it. Chip is just out there trying to make stuff happen. He reminds me a lot as Gerald Fitch under...
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    Kentucky got bad news...Enes Kanter ruled ineligible by NCAA

    He's "permanently ineligible". Queue the meltdown on the Kentucky boards.
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    Iowa admits NCAA violation regarding Oglesby's recruitment "In a story that sounds as though it could have been lifted straight out of an episode of MTV's Punk'd, celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may have violated...
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    Kevin Noreen is headed to WVU
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    For those who find no fault in Maturi...

    I've seen many posters defend Maturi up and down on his decision regarding Mbakwe. My issue and I'm sure it's the same issue with Trevor, is if Maturi had ANY inkling that he may not let Trevor play last season, why did our illustrious AD dither around for 3 months making the decision? Maturi...
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    Mbakwe's current Facebook status

    I'm loathe to start a thread on this, but I think this may be pretty important, or could possibly be nothing. Anyhow, he says that he "is a free man!!!" And then there's subsequent congratulation posts. Any chance the DA dropped the charges? Hopefully we'll hear something Monday.
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