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  1. gophers&guns

    Cigars and BBQ viewing party for 10/24 MN v Mich Game!

    A couple of former Gopher Football alumni and I are hosting a little viewing party at the Perfect Ash in Inver Grove Heights on Oct. 24th for those that are interested. Working on finalizing all the details but current plans include some pulled pork sandwiches and sides before and during the...
  2. gophers&guns

    Best place to watch the away games?

    What are some of the best bars in the Cities to watch Gopher away games? Because of work I have a hard time catching away games, but actually have a Saturday off and a few of my buddies want to catch the game. Does Senser's still do a good job with the games, or is there better places to watch it?
  3. gophers&guns

    April 14: Meet and greet event with Tyrone Carter

    The Perfect Ash cigar shop and lounge will be hosting a Meet and greet event with former Gopher and 2x Super Bowl Champ Tyrone Carter on April 14 from 6-9pm. Carter will be taking pictures and signing autographs for fans, and there will be deals on select cigars. I would bet former Gopher Lee...
  4. gophers&guns

    Places to watch the Gophs is San Diego

    So I will be missing this weeks game due to a wedding in San Diego this week, and was wondering if anyone knows of a bar/establishment that would show the game. I will miss going crazy in section 117, but will be back for the next home game.
  5. gophers&guns

    Jump Around is just OK.

    Ok so this is not a reaction due to the outcome of the game, rather it's a look at in-game traditions. As many that haven't traveled to Madison I was a little excited to experience the Jump Around deal. I will say that it's pretty cool for the short time they do it, but I would take our 3rd...
  6. gophers&guns

    Two free tickets

    I have two tickets, section 117 row 14, that I'm looking to hook someone up with for tomorrow's game. Whoever takes them will get to sit next to me and my date for the game, lucky you ;)! PM if interested.
  7. gophers&guns

    Happy New Year

    I just wanted to say Happy New Year to the Gopher faithful, it was a fun year and I feel blessed to have met new friends at both the Indiana a bowl game. Let's hope for a great year and another year of Gopher football. Ski U Mah!!
  8. gophers&guns

    Roll Call for Indiana Game: Who's going and where's the party?

    Well just booked the cheapest hotel I could find near Bloomington and while we still have to get through the Nebraska game I'm already excited about heading down to Indiana. Who else is heading down for the game and what are your plans? I'm leaving either Friday morning or after work depending...
  9. gophers&guns

    For those of as stuck in MN who is heading to Sensors?

    I know there are a few of us unfortunate Gopher fans stuck here in Minnesota, and I was wondering if anyone is else will be going to the viewing party at Joe Sensors? Initially I had planned to catch the game with a few friends, but they bailed because of how late the game is. Hoping to see a...
  10. gophers&guns

    2012 Footbal Season Tickets for sale.

    I am looking to sell my but would like to keep our name on the account, I'm moving to London for a year for grad school and won't be in Minnesota during the season. I have two seats available with chairbacks, Section 117 Row 14 Seats 1 and 2. Email me if interested, Jordan...
  11. gophers&guns

    St. Paul Taigating for Miami (Ohio) game

    After I bought 4 tickets this season I split the cost with my good friend so we could bring others to experience the college football game day activities. While I have been planning to tailgate every game and have set up everything involving the tickets, tailgating, seat cushions, and my...
  12. gophers&guns

    Gold Out for Miami game?

    Has anyone else received the email about the Gold Out for the Miami game on the 17th? You would think after the last unsuccessful gold out they would start promoting this a lot more than a simple email.
  13. gophers&guns

    Got the call today!

    Well I finally got the call I have been waiting for today, I am a brand new season ticket holder!!! I have four tickets together in section 117 row 14, so if anyone is in that area I hope to see you at the games! :)
  14. gophers&guns

    Youth Day Clinic

    I have a cousin in the 7th grade who after the 2009 Illinois game I brought him to quit soccer and started playing football. My question is what kind of stuff goes on at these youth clinics and what is the average age level of kids who attend? I would like to bring my cousin this year, but I...
  15. gophers&guns

    Great Turnout Tonight

    I just wanted to say I had a blast at the social tonight, and for my first Goal Line Club event I am extremely glad I joined. Hope everyone had a wonderful night at the social, and GO Gophers!
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