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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    If he was from MN he would be going to WI and Spaulding would be thrilled.
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    All Things Richard Pitino Tweets

    Std. procedure for an independent 3-4 year old
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    Something happen to Tanner Morgan's father?

    Agreed, and it is because of His faithfulness to show goodness and mercy, we can be as bold as Moses in approaching Him. Lord please be with the Morgan family and bring healing to Ted.
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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    Stupid question, but I don't know so I'll ask...Is he Khalid's son?
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    GopherSports: Who is the Gopher Team of the 1990's Decade (Basketball: 1992-93)

    I'd say either the 94/95 or 95/96 mens hockey with two of my all time favorite players Brian Bonin and Mike Crowley, who played probably a decade too early as the game at that time did not favor a small player like it does now.
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    With 4 4 star recruits already! Over/Under for final # of 4*s is?

    In this thread, will the 5*'s count against us?
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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    For everybody suggesting ND could be potential destination for Fleck, I'm just curious why so many follow this line of thought? Has he ever said anything to indicate ND was on his short list of destinations at any point? Or is it just the "spiritual" angle? If so, not sure exactly what religion...
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    Football Scoop: Study: Five-stars are worth $650,000 per year; 2-star recruits cost his school $13,000 per year

    I agree in that there are certainly variables that simply cannot be controlled and therefore you cannot apply equally to each school.
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    Ex-Badger Zack Baun tests positive for diluted sample at NFL scouting combine

    I experimented today with this. I drank about 2 liters of water (max I could hold before I had to run to the washroom). Weighed myself before and after drinking the water. I gained 4.5 lbs just from consuming the water (did not eat any food yet today).
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    Highest graded returning B1G WRs (1. Rashod Bateman, Minn)

    Fleck made a comment in a video, not sure if it was intentional or not, but basically said they have Bateman for one more season.
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    Ex-Badger Zack Baun tests positive for diluted sample at NFL scouting combine

    I think he looks pretty natural IMO. I could be wrong, but generally I notice in two things in guys who use PED's...usually their shoulders look extremely massive (like very large boulders), and their muscles will look very dense. Again, I could be wrong here.
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    New 4* Q

    Maybe foreshadowing that TJ is going to transfer out...Must hate the state of MN
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    Dr. Fauci says no more handshaking. That reminded me of some of my favorite B1G moments involving the silly tradition (Oturu gets vulgar with Stevens)

    Lots of athletes actually have friends or acquaintances on opposing teams and enjoy shaking hands and congratulating each other after a hard fought game. So IMO, the premise of this article is not really in touch with reality.
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    No reason not to start the Freshmen the rest of the way!

    What???!! I guess that may be a thought process if you are a little baby.
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