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    Which endzone has had more touchdowns at TCF?

    I haven't located any site that tells which endzone has touchdown scores in TCF Bank Stadium. I'm primarily interested in our Gopher touchdowns. I have no way of backing this up, but I'd guess the student section sees more touchdowns than the big scoreboard side. Agree?

    Jay Johnson new OC at MSU Endless Kurt Warner stories. I never got a good read on Jay during his short run with the Gophers.

    Eric Kaler: Goodbye or Good Riddance?

    Today is Eric's last day as of U of M President. I know his position covers a wide array of responsibilities, but I'm curious to know what Holers opinions are as it relates to football. I think Kaler was a fan of the team. I think he was a decent ambassador. I thought he was a terrible...

    Any leakers from the ticket office?

    I renewed my tickets on April 15. In a New York minute I got an email from PJ thanking me and said he was looking forward to seeing me at the spring game. [emoji849] Last year didn't prove to be an exciting home schedule. Miserable weather didn't help the pathetic crowds. So, what's the word...

    Is your five year outlook for Gopher football rosy?

    I just watched an ESPN 60 feature where Bob Costas was featured. It was an interesting story about his ouster from NBC which he states was from him offering negative commentary on concussion protocol in the NFL. We have seen concussions have a huge impact on our Gopher football team. Jimmy...

    Experience with scalpers at Gopher games?

    As a season ticket holder, I've never approached a scalper outside of TCF Stadium. I need to buy 2 extra tickets for Fridays game. I checked a couple sites and although much cheaper than a season ticket, most still want in excess of $40 per ticket. Anyone have an idea what the going rate would...

    What's the deal with Umlor?

    I think he has been a DNP for all games. I know he put on a little more beef and I had heard he was moving inside. We haven't had stellar play along the defensive line. I thought he'd be in the rotation. Is it just a matter of him not beating out competitors in practice? In PJ's doghouse, or...

    Coughlin musings

    It seemed Coughlin was rotated out for a lot of the game Saturday. I don't know his play count but I would often see him on the sideline. P.J. has shown flexibility with Green and Winfield. He is willing to move them around as they are good football players that can line up in multiple...

    Any depth chart surprises?

    I'd expect we will get a glimpse of the depth chart today. Do you have an idea of any surprises? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. CWCWCW

    Recruiting in Wisconsin and Iowa

    I have had the perception that Minnesota has lot quite a few players to Wisconsin and Iowa. In return, I thought our Gophers rarely had success in signing high school recruits out of these states. I was a bit bored tonight, so I scoured through 247 commitments since 2008 in MN, IA and WI...
  11. CWCWCW

    The Athletic and Gopher football

    I am not a current subscriber to The Athletic. I sure do get a lot of special offers. Do they run a lot of Gopher football stories? If you as re a subscriber, do you enjoy it? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. CWCWCW

    Our Biggest Gopher

    It seems Daniel F. is our largest Gopher to date. Who ranks just below? Is it Wills? Pirsig? Aaron Gibson was huge for Becky. He would be up there. I remember when Minnesota played a directional Louisiana school in the late 90s. There was a guy named Arnold Jackson who was listed at 420...
  13. CWCWCW

    Top 5 returning players

    There isn't much Gopher football action in the news, so I'm curious to see what others may think about our returning squad. Based on actual game experience, who are the top five returning Gopher football players. Here is my list 5)Shannon Brooks--Injuries have hampered him. I'll put him here...
  14. CWCWCW

    Season Ticket Renewal Expectations

    I got another e-mail today reminding me that the early bird renewal process is coming to an end. I'm pretty certain I will renew, but will wait until close to the hard deadline. My donation tallies $1200 and I realize that renewing in 2017 may have been financially prudent. For me, I don't...
  15. CWCWCW

    Detlef from the Hot Dog Haus

    Will Detlef be making his annual plea for the missing sippy cup? He may feel pretty confident this year, even without his Grannies spell. I searched for the picture with the Gopher fan and the bag over his head along with the sippy cup. I couldn't find it. Any help? Sent from my...
  16. CWCWCW

    If we move up, who moves down?

    As I look around the Big 10, I don't see a lot of teams that are on a downward trend. Illinois seems to be going nowhere fast, but I would say Minnesota has been better than them recently. For me, Nebraska appears to be the only team in the Big 10 continuing their downward trend. The coach...
  17. CWCWCW

    Freshman waiting their turn.

    We know Douglas started from the beginning and Umlor has played a bit too. I've heard Fleck mention Estes and recently Tanner Morgan as guys he thinks are progressing nicely. Any ideas at this point who the staff has seen as high potential guys? Any sleepers? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A...
  18. CWCWCW

    Who are our kick returners?

    With Carpenter and Santoso returning, we don't hear a lot about special teams. One thing that always was a concern for me during the Kill regime were kickoff and punt returns. It sure seems we had our fair share of blunders. I can't get the vision of Craig James being scared returning punts...
  19. CWCWCW

    Best/Worst Item received on Gopher Gameday

    Okay, it's the offseason. As I was putting away some winter gear, I came across the plaid russian style winter hat that was a giveaway last year. That was pretty sweet. I think that's my favorite item that I've received at a Gopher game. The worst? A few years back, I took a sample of Wolf...
  20. CWCWCW

    PJ just called

    I'm late in my season ticket renewals as I usually wait until a couple days before deadline. I just got a call that I recognized but screening didn't identify the name. Sure enough, it was PJ saying there is one week left to renew and he's looking forward to meet my family. He told me to...
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