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  1. GopherDog1

    Whoops! Iowa bothered Nebraska on the field!

    I remember that too but I think it was Tommy Armstrong! Back then beating Nebraska actually meant something at least. Still, a long, long way from Tom Osborne roaming the sidelines wearing that sweet high profile Huskers cap and kicking butt. Hopefully, PJ has the Gophers pumped up to win that...
  2. GopherDog1

    Memorial for a great Gopher fan

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. GopherDog1

    Gopher-Purdue pick

    If Rondale Moore is back for this game it will be ugly. Purdue 49 to MN 10.
  4. GopherDog1

    Recruiting Concerns

    I was going to add as well that Williamson was a PJ transfer recruit. I am guessing he will fill this next class out with more transfers like him and OJ Smith; also a PJ recruit.
  5. GopherDog1

    Wisconsin scenario

    Have to agree. Why would they stop scoring TD's? Give me a scenario where we can make them even punt the ball. All game. Maybe they fumble? It will be ugly.
  6. GopherDog1

    Wisconsin scenario

    The Wisconsin game this year will be ugly and if the Badgers are looking for a rankings boost:
  7. GopherDog1

    Wisconsin scenario

    Did you watch the Badgers last night? We will not beat them this year anyway. This Gopher team looks like the team Nebraska beat 84 to 13. Really, it's bad right now. It clearly will improve but when I see Mariano Sori-Marin take bad angles in game 4 of this season? No, this is not good.
  8. GopherDog1

    Recruiting Concerns

    Hockey recruiting is actually International these days with kids from Canada and Europe but I do respect your opinion. So are you saying a kid from Finland will come here to play hockey but a kid from Chicago committing to the Gophers for football is in doubt because of social unrest?
  9. GopherDog1

    Recruiting Concerns

    The proof will be to watch how the hockey and basketball programs develop. If the hockey program can re-establish via Motzko and recruiting then this entire argument is nullified. Has it affected hockey recruiting? I don't think so.
  10. GopherDog1


    My cardboard cutout is playing linebacker.
  11. GopherDog1

    Is Bateman hurting his draft stock?

    He looks like a full-grown man out there to me. That stiff arm? From a WR? That was an NFL move if ever I saw one. I saw Dalvin Cook in his bowl game vs Michigan and he was coasting a bit. I don't see Bateman doing the same things I saw Cook do like run out of bounds a lot to avoid hits etc...
  12. GopherDog1

    You be the judge on Winfield's two point conversion break up

    If AWJr had turned to catch the ball it would be Fresno St. 3.0. I watched last night and he ran across with the guy in motion and he knew they would try to throw to him but the Giants learned the hard way to avoid AWJr. He was trying to get over there and break it up and he did but it would...
  13. GopherDog1

    RandBall: With market dominance in their grasp, Gophers fumble ball back to Vikings

    I propose they have been bad for a long time. The number of Super Bowls, please?
  14. GopherDog1

    Is it hopeless, or can the season be salvaged?

    Click on 2019 and see that the difference is not that much but it is sobering and going the wrong direction, at least based on this rating.
  15. GopherDog1

    Souhan: Defense once again was awful, and it could have looked worse

    Was thinking the same thing. Not only Cody L but MSM #55. Brutal technique and angles to the ball. I guess not only him but others too have whiffed in the last 2 games. Maybe just need better athletes on D to compensate for poor coaching or it could be that they are just so young and we are...
  16. GopherDog1

    The Gophers have forced 1 punt since Sid Hartman died

    Too many helmet stickers, seems like a gimmick. Play good football and win and all the kids will want to play there based on performance not stickers.
  17. GopherDog1

    👻 uosɐǝs ʎʞoods 👻 (Uniform: Gold Helmet, White Facemasks, White Jerseys, Gold Pants)

    Go see a Cornhusker game in Lincoln, you will be prepared and ready to see anything .
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