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    Hockey & Basketball - Winter Break

    We are looking for 4 tickets to a hockey game 12/27 or 28 and 6 tickets to the 12/30 basketball game. Thanks!
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    Big Ten Super Saturday

    Does anyone know the MN sections for seats at MSG for the games on Saturday?
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    Big Ten Super Saturday

    Tickets are now on sale for the basketball and hockey games at Madison Square Garden Jan. 20. I'm trying to decide if we should buy tickets through the U or wait and see on StubHub. Is anyone else going? Any thoughts on tickets and what may happen with prices/availability? Thanks in advance.
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    Where to get game?

    Does anyone know of any websites that will carry the game today? We can't get ESPN3.
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    Vote for MN

    There is a group at the game wearing either MN or ISU clothes based on votes at They are behind the MN bench.
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    Old Spice Classic - Orlando

    Anyone going to Orlando for the tournament? Are you buying tickets ahead of time through Ticketmaster or waiting until you are there? If you don't want to buy tickets for all sessions, it doesn't look like you can purchase ahead of time past round one, not knowing when the Gophers will play...
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    Gopher in Wolfpack Country

    I live near Raleigh and everyday lately someone I work with is saying something about Tubby coming to NCSU when Sidney Lowe is fired. I truly didn't think it was a possibility until very lately but I still hope it doesn't happen. I don't think it would be a good move for Tubby, the RBC Center...
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    Why can't they look at the video of goaltending but they can for swinging elbows and clock time? Is it completely up to the ref?
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    Where to?

    I know this may be in a thread, but it's too hard to sort through all of them. Has anything been said about what school Devoe is transferring to?
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    Replay of Purdue game?

    I will be traveling (in flight) for the game on Wednesday. Does the Big Ten Network have the games online the same night of the game or the next day?
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    Every time Cobbs was in the game he made a major mistake on defense and Michigan scored an easy basket. He does absolutely nothing on offense, either scoring or setting someone up. He can handle the ball but that is all I see. I am missing something?
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    Today's game and Directv

    I live on the east coast and our CBS game is local. For those of you with Directv, can I get the game on another channel? We have the sportspack and it says it will be on 729. For the MSU game it also said we should get it but we weren't home so I recorded it and it recorded 5 min. and...
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    Time and Tickets

    We're looking for four tickets...if anyone knows the best place to buy them. We're only about an hour away. Go Gophers!!!
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