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    Looks like Curry is starting as of now

    Curry through the first TV timeout and then bring in a fresh Johnson for 8 minutes, Curry, the next four, Johnson closing it? Or as close as it makes sense with game flow, fouls, and production.
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    Big 10 Subs

    Technically 30 Bales in Hopkins, but Big 10 apparently has their subs back on the menu again. They did this last time we shut down. I wish they'd just keep them on the menu full-time but exciting news when we could all use some.
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    End Racism on Gopherhole: Yes or No?

    This thread is what happens when you shut down bars and someone decides to go on one final public bender. This was more entertaining than the game itself.
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    Unenthusiastic P.J. Fleck

    I keep waiting for him to opt back out for the remainder of the season.
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    Congratulations to the Dems

    Trump's polarizing personality got me to actually care about the election. I'm in my (sigh) late 30s now and prior to 2016 I did not care about politics and had never voted. But the extreme reactions from both sides caused me to learn a great deal more about politics and policies than I ever...
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    Shooter: Trevor Mbakwe has opted for an assistant athletics director job at Irondale.

    The only known graduate of New Brighton HS attempted to assassinate the President so Irondale makes more sense.
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    Presidential Election Predictions - Go on Record Here!

    Prediction: Chaos, misinformation from both sides, lawsuits, loser refusing to concede, country further divided no matter who wins Yay.
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    J.R. Smith says (Former Badger) Sam Dekker only teammate he disliked: ‘Talking some Trump s—’

    And the uneducated J. R. Smith who can't read the scoreboard is not. Go figure.
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    Well, another debate is in the books. People on the left say Biden won, people on the right say Trump won. Good TV.
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    I didn't watch the first debate but if Joe is sharper tonight that is frightening.
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    Wow: Former Vikings linebacker Matt Blair dies at 70

    He did that at my elementary school (also in the sticks) after I had already graduated high school but my mother was the secretary at the elementary school and got some pictures and autographs and said he was the nicest guy ever.
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    Let's wrap this thing up. Trump 2020!!!!

    Hopefully the diseases of Trumpism and Liberalism take care of each other so normal people can carry on with their lives without enduring the constant bickering from both sides.
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    MSM Has Given Up on Reporting Actual News

    Hahahahahaha, I read his book on the OJ trial and it's one of the best books I've ever read.
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    Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall punched a player, choked Gophers assistant coach Kyle Lindsted

    I liked Gregg Marshall because he didn't call timeouts which led to less commercial breaks. For that alone, he should be allowed to behave however he chooses (sarcasm).
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    NCAA tournament regional hosts in 2023-26 Announced

    I went to Des Moines last tournament and that was the easiest trip ever. Everything was so close and laid out in a normal manner. The only tough choice was Zombie Burger or Smokey D's?
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    If he was from Minnesota we would say he was only including the Gophers to string us along. I wonder if Oklahoma St fans are saying the same.
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    So when is enough? When will we be satisfied?

    Portland now toppling Lincoln and Roosevelt statues because "I'm mad."
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    Campaign Humor
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