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  1. Otis

    Who will be the Sixth Man

    Mash is more likely to have the personality for it
  2. Otis

    The Gophers basketball season will be a success if?...

    They save Pitino's job.
  3. Otis

    By Returning to Iowa, Will Garza Elevate His Status to the NBA Lottery? Would Oturu have?

    I'll answer your question, Garza: Probably not. He had a near perfect year and would have to do it again. His game has limits and he has pretty much maxed them out. He cannot get better at this level than he has. He will not improve his stock. Oturu: Most likely Yes. He was on a bad team and...
  4. Otis

    Who will be the Sixth Man

    While I agree having instant offense off the bench is a major asset. That requires a unique individual with an "Elite" level of confidence in their stroke. Having a "Microwave" come in off the bench is highly desired and not easily achieved.
  5. Otis

    Wiscy Game Canceled

    This cancellation eliminated Wisconsin from potentially winning the West by them not playing 6 games. Silver Lining to this cloud.
  6. Otis

    Who will be the Sixth Man

    Depth will lead to the next thread, "Who will Transfer at the End of the Season?" No Doubt Minutes guys: Carr Gabe Gach Rollins Need to get Minutes Guys: Curry Johnson Ihnen Mashburn Williams They could get some run Guys: Mutaf Omersa Redshirt types: The two bigs So who'd gonna be upset...
  7. Otis

    The 2021 NCAA Tournament will be held in one location this season

    So you would need Hotels for 68 teams with lets say staff and players of 30 each. That's 2040 people plus the COVID distancing, food service, referees, and the media. Then you need enough arenas to host the tournament in the immediate area. They don't have to be huge because there will be no...
  8. Otis

    Court got a new paint job!

    I'm totally down with this! We should even get some high end "fake" water damage staining on the wood flooring! Just to add to the authenticity. But the board warping would be too much, although I'm not against painting the floor to make it look like it's warped even though it isn't to...
  9. Otis

    Recruiting Concerns

    Until khaki gets fired and they hire PJ to coach in Ann Arbor.
  10. Otis

    Court got a new paint job!

    Something good happens in 2020, Finally!
  11. Otis

    Let's hope Nebraska beats Wisconsin

    Your forgetting who my favorite team is...…...Duh
  12. Otis

    Let's hope Nebraska beats Wisconsin

    Nebraska is my second favorite team this week!
  13. Otis

    The headline in the Saturday paper will read?...

    Maryland Offense Stays in it's Shell. Less Successful than Biden in this Approach.
  14. Otis

    Football 🏈 is a stupid 🤦‍♂️sport anyway!

    It would be right in line with things I didn't expect!
  15. Otis

    Badgers game at Nebraska may not be played. Stay tuned.

    If the Badgers go the 7% route, aren't they cancelling multiple games? If a player has been exposed to a COVID infected person they are out 14 days. If they have COVID, they are out 21 days. Since this all happened after Saturday, the 14 days would carry through their next two matchups and the...
  16. Otis

    Breaking News! Gophers Aren't as Bad as They Looked!

    Why is there no Dislike button?
  17. Otis

    Image of absurd prop Minnesota players are carrying into the locker room is going viral

    Polar Bears are white. Why is that guy giving the bear a "package check"? Looks like a Three Musketeer French Bear.
  18. Otis

    Arizona, Sean Miller accused of multiple Level I NCAA violations

    Shocked. I am absolutely shocked. I had no idea you could get a plaid jacket in blue and purple.
  19. Otis

    Breaking News! Gophers Aren't as Bad as They Looked!

    The Gophers played bad. The Gophers are not a bad team. They gave away upwards of 30 points to a very good team due to turnovers, bad coverage, bad decisions and poor execution. 21 first quarter points! That's a hell of a hole to dig for yourself! Most people just say fold up your tent and go...
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