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  1. Veritas

    Ohio State AD on opening.

    Here is his template. Half capacity.
  2. Veritas

    Lying and Adam Schiff.

    I find that commonly people use the word "lying" incorrectly. I was taught that lying is not an error in observation or any sort of failure to remember accurately, but an intentional effort to deceive. This "sin" gains in grievousness when it is intended to deceive on an important, especially...
  3. Veritas

    The Dunning - Kruger Effect on Gopher Hole

    Why do posters like Howie, Dean S, Remember Murray and, especially Stoker, post so much while knowing so little? The Dunning - Kruger Effect:
  4. Veritas

    Where is the game thread for today's 7pm game ....

    ...against Penn State? I am hoping for an upset and a good crowd.
  5. Veritas

    Good news on Intensive Care Beds

    From the St. Paul paper. Minnesota has 243 official Intensive Care Beds. These are special beds in special rooms. Currently only 7 of those beds are being used by Covid 19 victims. Indeed only 15 Covid 19 people are in hospitals now out of the 285 known cases of Covid 19 (effective March...
  6. Veritas

    Interesting new data.

    At the 6pm Covid 19 news conference today (March 23rd) at the White House the head doctor, that blond woman, Dr. Debra Hahn (??), said that there has only been one dead child under the age of 15 in the world. The dead boy was 14 and from China. She thought parents would take comfort in knowing...
  7. Veritas

    Ages of the 42 known US dead

    This from ABC News today: "In the U.S., of the cases for which there is data, only one person who died was in their 40s, while two people died in their 50s. Seven people were in their 60s, nine people in their 70s, 13 people in their 80s and 10 people were in their 90s." Thus, the average age...
  8. Veritas

    Spring sports may be back in April.

    According to the St. Paul paper which quotes the Big Ten.
  9. Veritas

    Another game at the Barn?

    The TV announcers kept saying that this would be the team's last game of the year at the Barn. That is not neccessarily true, is it? NIT game?
  10. Veritas

    The southern border wall in reality

    Here is a video showing the constuction of the southern border wall by on behalf of the Feds by one company at six seperate sites. It is detailed and refutes the argument that very little is being done. But, see for yourself, if like the MSM and Stocker08 you think very little is being done...
  11. Veritas

    "Possibly the dumbest 49 seconds of TV ever"

    This is NOT for those of you who are math challenged, you will not get it. But really, how could so many people, so highly paid, get something so math obvious so wrong without anyone noticing how wrong they all were? And the young woman is an EDITOR at THE New York Times!!! They even prepared...
  12. Veritas

    St. Paul City Council last night.

    What an amazing time warp for an older guy. They passed a resolution declaring this "Abortion Providers Appreciation Week". Amazing. Unthinkable fifty years ago. "We love baby killers!" Real babies! Amazing. Such hubris.
  13. Veritas

    Most valuable offensive player for the Gophers in the Iowa loss?

    None. First sell out of the season, against a hated rival, and not one player played like an above average junior on a Big Ten team. Just a really ugly dud of a game at the wrong time and place. Nobody could make a shot or even a free throw with everything on the line.
  14. Veritas

    Snowflakes vs Gammons

    Saw this article on the BBC news service on the great divide in our society and how both sides really do not know the other very well and how that divide is very dangerous. This quote I found very, very interesting: "A recent study of Americans suggested Republicans vastly overestimate the...
  15. Veritas

    Who hates Iowa?!

    Everyone hates Iowa!!
  16. Veritas

    Well, by golly, we did end up losing exactly seven guys off the D.

    Who could have forseen that? Or, more exactly to our case, who could not have seen that happening??
  17. Veritas

    Weather will be perfect.....

    ....68 with a 3 mph wind. Sunny. Perfect for the Gopher O. Go Gophers!!
  18. Veritas

    For anyone driving down to Florida for the game or otherwise....

    .... our drive from Nashville Tennessee to the Florida border today was horrible (and it was a Sunday)! 350 miles in 7 hours. That was an avearage of 50 miles an hour. There is just too much volume for the limitted roads at this time of year.
  19. Veritas

    Can we at least get this one thing firmly in mind?

    Not one single fan, assistant coach, administrator, head coach or reporter of or from the University of Illinois, Nebraska, Purdue, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Rutgers, Maryland, Penn State, Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan or Michigan State wants PJ Fleck to stay here. He is their worst fear...
  20. Veritas

    Game ticket info

    Does anyone know which end of the stadium the Gophers will get? North end or South end? Or is that Civil War obvious? Rather sit near the Gopher crowd.
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