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  1. Governor Sibley

    Gopher-Purdue pick

    Season is meaningless. Let's just get a little better every week.
  2. Governor Sibley


    Sweet, overtime. I can't get enough of this game.
  3. Governor Sibley

    43 Years Ago Today: Michigan 0 - 16 Minnesota

    Before my time. Heard about it from pops as a kid, though!
  4. Governor Sibley

    Eslinger, Nicholson, Brinkhaus, Spaeth, Ellerson

    Blocking on edge and boundaries was incredible.
  5. Governor Sibley

    RIP Sid Hartman 😢

    Thanks, Nadine.
  6. Governor Sibley

    Demetrius Douglas is leaving the Gophers program

    Bummer. Big catch against Georgia Southern.
  7. Governor Sibley

    P.J. Fleck, Tanner Morgan laud Mo Ibrahim for development as running back, leader at Minnesota

    Mo was our best back last year. If he gets hurt, we're in trouble.
  8. Governor Sibley

    Bateman opting out of 2020 Football Season

    There will be no season. Thanks for everything RB!
  9. Governor Sibley

    2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota

    I’m curious what Dan might be like if he dropped some weight.
  10. Governor Sibley

    Looking back...

    Good post BG, thanks.
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