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    So bars and restaurants are the problem, right!!! Shut em down

    There are no "sides" in a public health crisis. Haven't you heard that we are all in this together? Apparently not.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2021 - Spring Season

    Not anymore, conference only matches.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2021 - Spring Season

    Atherton could have also been brought in if Dolanga, the Croatian setter, decided not to return. That could be a possibility for to COVID-19. Nothing confirmed just pure speculation on my part.
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    Gopher Volleyball 2019

    Gopher Volleyball - Empowered storytelling with Exposure
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    Gopher Volleyball 2021 - Spring Season

    Miller was hit in the head during the match right before she was out, think it was in the first B1G match of the season thus concussion is probably the reason, even though not formally started, as she was wearing earplugs in matches where she returned to the sidelines.
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    Market Watch

    Well he did succeed on effecting the market. Good strategy to have CEOs speak and backing your plan.
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    It's official, March Madness is cancelled

    go4inlalaland you're making it political with statements just like that!
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    Gopher Softball 2020

    I thought Fiser looked better and more in control than last weekend, just the one dinger mistake that cost the game because the team couldn't provide any run support. Hopefully the hitting will pick up as the season goes on. That's the good and bad thing about having a strong non-conference...
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    Gopher Softball 2020

    Yeah and another bad base running snafu in the bottom of the 4th.
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    Game nearly out of reach at the half. 0-7 three point shooting, if even half of those were made we'd still have a game.
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    B1G Game 5: Gophers Visit Illinois (1-12-20)

    Two bad teams playing against each other - really bad teams!
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    Volleyball vs Nebraska

    Match at the Pav at 4pm today...good chance to get out of the rain and dry off after the football scrimmage. Should be a great match as both these teams will be Top 10 in 2010 and have a chance to win their respective conferences.
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