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    Shooter: Trevor Mbakwe has opted for an assistant athletics director job at Irondale.

    I was an election judge in a precinct that has 3 school districts. The lines are so weird, that it is impossible to put decent precinct lines by school district. We had 2 different ballots. One with a school board race, and one without. Sometimes, because of referenda, we have had 3 ballots in...
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    I just finished The Boys season 2. Great show with excellent twists.
  3. Ski U Mah Gopher

    All Things Gophers Non-Conference Schedule (post Nov. 25 start date)

    So, are we looking at Charlotte for the ACC home games, and Chicago or Indy for the Big Ten home games?
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    2020 Tennis Thread

    Just a couple of moms playing some Wednesday afternoon tennis;)
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    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    Pat Borzi had a great article on the timeline of the St. Thomas trip to D-I MinnPost Article on St. Thomas
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    I think 1-3 came out the 9/4, and then 1 episode a week for then next 5 weeks.
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    All Things 2020 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    It looks like the playoff lineup teams are known in the AL. It's a seeding contest. Here are the 8 by ESPN Playoff Odds: Tampa Bay - 100.0% Chicago - 99.9% Cleveland - 99.8% Oakland - 99.8% Minnesota - 99.5% Houston - 96.9% New York - 92.4% Toronto - 85.5% The next highest is Baltimore at 8.1%
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    Souhan: Gophers, conference led by voices of reason and safety, instead of the selfish and greedy

    I have written this over and over, Now I will shout it very loudly: WE DON'T KNOW THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF COVID-19 Until we know that, don't take the chance of COVID-19 spread.
  9. Ski U Mah Gopher

    National Vote by Mail - Do You Now Support It

    1. There is probably either a SSN or DL number attached to each voter number. You have to put one of those on the return envelope. 2. There is a signature on file to match with the signature on the envelope. Both have to match. At least that how it works in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, etc.
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    Penn State Football - Will NOT refund seat contributions for 2020 if fans ask for a refund...

    You are correct that the donation made to receive the right to purchase season tickets are not deductible. But, our firm has the opinion that the 2020 donation will be deductible, since there are no season tickets attached. Staying on the ticket list is intangible.
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    Famous people you have seen up close and where was it?

    I met Greg Lemond at the uptown stage of the North Star Grand Prix. I was also at a small dinner party with Sid. And I thought of a third, I rode an elevator with Bob Costas at the Marriott in 1985.
  12. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Bateman opting out of 2020 Football Season

    If I were an athlete not in a bubble, I would be concerned about the long-term effects of COVID-19.
  13. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    In fact, I think only the 5 states that were all mail in before are sending ballots. As they always have done.
  14. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    In Minnesota, no request, no ballot. STOP LYING!!!!!
  15. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    Plus, in Minnesota absentee votes are counted starting 7 days before the election via absentee boards, and this year will continue until the day before the county canvass. New York's problem is that they do not run an absentee board in parallel with regular in-person balloting.
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    Aren't varsity sports one credit classes? If they are, the practices are in person classes. Therefore, no problem.
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    Pending ACC Presidential approval, ND may be eligible for ACC championship

    FYI: There are 4 traditional SEC-ACC rivalries: Florida-FSU Georgia-Georgia Tech South Carolina-Clemson Kentucky-Louisville
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