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  1. Otis

    Breaking News! Gophers Aren't as Bad as They Looked!

    The Gophers played bad. The Gophers are not a bad team. They gave away upwards of 30 points to a very good team due to turnovers, bad coverage, bad decisions and poor execution. 21 first quarter points! That's a hell of a hole to dig for yourself! Most people just say fold up your tent and go...
  2. Otis

    Michigan to face the best empty Stadium in the nation Saturday!

    Give me a freaking break on all these Michigan superlatives! All I know is: We have the better: Coach QB WRs RB OL CBs Ss So they can take their pre-season awards and go home without the Jug. I see no reason to believe their defense can stop us and no reason to fear their unproven QB, OL, RB...
  3. Otis

    Depth Chart for the Michigan Game?

    When will this come out? I'm curious where we are at with the OL principally, but would like to see the other positions as well. RB comes to mind.
  4. Otis

    Dear PJ, Please go FULL BANANA for the Michigan game.

    I know this is juvenile and silly. Maybe even a little mid-life crisis as I stare down a speed limit birthday "I just can't drive". But it would be a nice Birthday present to see a FULL BANANA Gopher squad take back the JUG from "The Khakied One". So, PJ, get the equipment guys and gals to put...
  5. Otis

    What the @#$% is the holdup on Gach's waiver?

    Seems like a slam dunk for a waiver. - Minnesotan - Check - Closer to home during Pandemic - Check Just approve it NCAA! What could possibly be holding this up? And if someone says we haven't submitted the paperwork yet, well, then someone needs to be fired! #FreeGach
  6. Otis

    Will Basketball follow football and be cancelled?

    I feel like the clock is ticking on the College Basketball season. How much longer before the Power 5 and their new "heart condition" after COVID causes the cancelation of the season.
  7. Otis

    Reasons to Hate COVID 19

    Cancellation of the 2020 College Football Season. Add your reasons
  8. Otis

    Will "Back Against the Wall" Pitino, pull a Rabbit out of his hat?

    I am impressed with the efforts of Mr. "I would of been fired if not for COVID 19" Pitino so far! He has assembled an impressive list of players during a very difficult time and hired a promising young assistant coach. Do you think he can get approval for these guys to play, find the right...
  9. Otis

    Stevensen vs. Faalele who would win?

    Gabe Stevensen NCAA Wrestling Champion, Lined up at Defensive End, Not exactly a ton of experience or technical ability at rushing the passer, certainly a large amount of raw physical ability and strength. vs. Daniel Faalele 6'8" 390' Man, Still a football neophyte by all practical standards...
  10. Otis

    Dr. Gopherstein - Building the Perfect Minnesota Football Coach

    This is a simple exercise. Give Dr. Goldy the best parts of all the Gopher coaches in the areas I'm about to lay out for you to choose from and build the best possible Gopherstein coach possible using the best we've ever had in each of the areas! Recruiting Motivation Offensive coaching...
  11. Otis

    Spring is my least favorite sports time. But Good God this Sucks!

    COVID 19, you win. No Masters. No Kentucky Derby. No Daytona 500. No Opening Day Baseball. No Baseball. Normally, these are events that mildly blip on my interest. Is Lefty in contention? No. Then I don't need to watch or pay attention. I'm not going to watch Neckcar or a horse race. I'll...
  12. Otis

    What Four Gopher Football Icons belong on the back of Mt Rushmore?

    In other words, who represents the worst of the Football Program! Mt. Rushmore Backsides for the Gophers: Tim Brewster Mega Tongue Paul Giel - For his less than stellar work as an AD Pat Reusse There are tons of folks who could be listed here but this is where I will start it off. I'm fairly...
  13. Otis

    Who is on your Golden Gopher Defensive Back Mount Rushmore?

    This should be pretty easy to start with: Antoine Winfield Jr. Tyrone Carter And then it gets harder, There are the pros: Marcus Sherels Tony Dungy And then there are the guys who may make first team All-B1G now: Coney Durr Ben St. Juste Tyler Nubin And there are the guys who have made the...
  14. Otis

    Players we should avoid talking about in hopes they sign here....

    Chet Holmgren The rest of Chet's team Anyone from Hopkins Definitely anyone playing for Lakeville or Badger-lite Kid from Wayzata Anyone who plays f
  15. Otis

    What happens if nothing goes our way?

    Carr decides he wants to play overseas. Robbins gets no waiver. Peterson gets no waiver. Curry injures something. Leaving us with: PG: Mashburn/Greenlee SG: Gabe/Williams SF: Ihnen/Williams PF: Johnson/Omersa C: Freeman/Mitchell Ouch!! Only thing that could possibly save Pitino would be...
  16. Otis

    With 4 4 star recruits already! Over/Under for final # of 4*s is?

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say PJ manages to recruit 9 4 star players in this class this year.
  17. Otis

    What is your, "I remember exactly where I was" Gopher Football Moment?

    The Golden Gophers where playing the Number 1 ranked Michigan Wolverines in good old Memorial Stadium and my family had tickets to the game! We had to drive down from Virginia, MN for the game and we got all the way to Duluth when my Dad realized he had left the tickets pinned to the family...
  18. Otis

    Are there N95 Washable Masks the Gophers can wear for practice?

    You ever seen those guys wearing masks at altitude or in polluted cities like LA when they are working out to make sure they are breathing clean air? Is there any way the football team could establish protocols to mitigate the chances of transimiting viruses when they practice? Super hot...
  19. Otis

    Brad Davidson Announces Entering Draft to get Vlade Divac's opinion

    Brad needs an official assessment of whether his acting is ready for the NBA. JK. What other farces out there can you think of that make sense during this COVID 19 induced lack of sports?
  20. Otis

    I log in everyday to see if we signed someone and all I see is.....

    Threads hijacked by Pitino bashing. It gets old. Old like, "The Badger way is the best way!" - BuiltBadgers Old like, "Wrong Thread", old. It makes me feel old. Like, "Old Bob", Old! Almost, "Sid", Old if there is such a thing. Could we just confine our bitching and moaning about our...
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