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    Starting OL vs Michigan?

    If he isn't in playing shape, why take the chance of getting him injured?
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    What the Huge Drop in NBA Viewers Tells Us

    People are slowly starting to realize that Lebron and Colin are de facto slave holders and not "radical justice" warriors. Slave hilders on the Nike Plantation. Making millions off Nike shoe contracts when the shoes are made at slave labor rates in China. You know, the place that gave us the...
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    Hunter's emails

    I see research is not your forte.
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    Hunter's emails

    There is a little something legal here that you do not understand. Research before posting can avoid embarrasment. There has been a time or two I learned that. I try to be very careful now.
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    Packing the Supreme Court

    Warranted has a definition. You should take time to learn it.
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    Packing the Supreme Court

    We need less stupid cases. There need to be consequences for frivilous cases. Legal and civil penalties. Include the attorneys in the penalties.
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    BLM...coming to a suburb near you

    Clearly it is not, unless they voted Democrat. BLEXIT is real. Healing wounds that started with LBJ.
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    All things Spygate

    The Obama admonstration was deep into Banana Republic governence.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    A small part of the reason they have done such a poor job. There is an agenda.
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    Mail-in ballots

    If WTF is correct then Minnesaota has a different set of election laws.That could be. I've sat on the BOE an counted absentee ballots. Has anyone else?
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    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    What is the correct medical response, according to Democrats, for Biden if he were to get CV19? Yes, a LTCF. WR just doesn't make democratic socialist sense for a man his age who has "had a good life.".
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    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    The basement is way safer than under a MDOT bridge.
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    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    Bridge structural integrity.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    The numbers are all bull$h!t!
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    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    8 months into this and all the liberals and half the conservatives are still totally clueless. Sad comment on American intellectualism. We are in decline a a nation.
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    All Things Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation Process

    I can see how that would be very difficult on your wife. Hope she is doing well now.
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    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    How long were you oxygen deprived, bad? Must have been serious.
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    Everyone is uderestimating the effect of the massive crowds Kamala is drawing at her rallies in nursing homes accros America..
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