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    Ten top players who have played their last Big Ten snaps (QB Tanner Morgan, Minnesota) In his first, full season as a starter, Morgan lead Minnesota to nine-straight wins to start the 2019 campaign, and helped them finish 11-2 overall with a win over Auburn in the Outback Bowl to cap the...
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    Was Seth Green going to play RB this year?

    I just noticed that OurLads had Seth listed on Minnesota's 2-deep, at running back. He seemed to struggle at receiver last year (couldn't get open, poor route running). I hadn't seen anything about this move though. Was he going to transition to RB...
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    Texas head coach Tom Herman's reaction to new Big 12 policies Building on other discussions: - Tom Herman is upset because he can't send workout equipment to his players - One of his linebackers built a bench press out of wood planks and buckets of...
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    Free NFL Game Pass

    I haven't seen this posted here yet so I wanted to make sure everyone was aware. NFL is offering a GamePass free trial until May 31st: You can sign up no strings attached and watch or listen to...
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    Gopher Ticket and Contribution revenue Grew at a -1.3% rate between 2014 and 2018

    Coyle may be tempted to increase Gopher football season ticket prices now that the Gophers have had a highly successful season. With that thought in view; I want recap the devastation that Teague caused to athletic department revenues with his over-the-top price increases in 2014 Gopher...
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    Who Hates Iowa?
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    Screen Coverage

    PSU exposed some potentially fatal weaknesses in Minnesota's LB play yesterday (bad reads on play action & missed open field tackles against explosive RBs). The celebration is good, but the Gophers struggled with something that is going to be a strength for the remainder of the teams on the...
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    Petition to Lower Prices for PSU/UW

    I would really like these games to be a sellout. Why is the ticket office pricing fans out of these games? Bring the prices down to a reasonable level. Jesus. This is a college team, not the Minnesota Vikings. If you don't sell the seats, you get $0 revenue. Your incremental cost of service...
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    Tanner Morgan Heisman Candidacy

    Tanner is currently sitting next to Hurts, Tagovailoa, Burrow, and above Fields in QBR as a Sophomore who didn't start most of his first season. All of those players are likely going to be invited to New York for this year's Heisman selection. I know it's not going to happen this year, but if...
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    Minnesota SP+ Up Slightly After 3-pt Win Over Georgia Southern

    Last week: This week: Arguably the biggest stat-head in football isn't deterred by what...
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    Tanner Morgan

    I know it wasn't the people here, but this narrative about Tanner having a weak arm is complete BS. Our offense isn't bombing throws downfield, that doesn't mean that he has a weak arm. This guy has completed 70% of his passes through two games. I cannot remember the last time the Gophers had a...
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    Seth Green at WR

    Why are we splitting this guy out wide when he wasn't targeted one time, and couldn't block on the screen? He's a wasted body out there and frees up their safety/corner to cheat over on TJ. There were a lot of stupid decisions last night but that one was one of the dumbest imo. Has he been...
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    5'9" 160lb HS QB Who Threw for 67 Touchdowns Can't Get Scholarship (Gophers don't have room for him and he wouldn't be able to see over our line, but still an interesting read).
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    Bill Connelly's Fresno State Preview
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    B1G Refs Suck Thread

    Holy **** that call was bad. Tough way to end a season. Hope that ref gets ****-canned.
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    Facebook Watch

    Gophers hockey streaming free on Facebook right now and there are fewer than 1000 people watching. That's a pretty damning number guys.
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    Minnesota Ranked Ahead of Northwestern by Advanced Stats These numbers have been wrong about the Gophers on both sides (predicting lopsided wins in lopsided loses and vice versa) this year, but still an interesting point of reference given that they are supposed to be "true to vegas" type numbers. Also...
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    Wisconsin -6 @ Purdue

    Wisconsin +6 @ Purdue I would never bet on Fleck on the road (0 Big 10 road wins w/ Minnesota), and I'm guessing that Vegas is very familiar with Fleck's struggles at Minnesota, but it looks like there's a chance we might be favored going into the border battle.
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    Even After Saturday's Performance, Gophers Defense Still Better Than Offense Thought Fleck was supposed to be an offensive mastermind, he is not. Last Saturday's defensive performance was a 6th percentile performance, they're still...
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    Minnesota Is 1 of 7 Power Five Teams Without A Power Five Win

    Arkansas Louisville Minnesota Oregon State Vanderbilt Wake Forest Rutgers
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