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  1. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Will the Gophers be ranked again at any point during the 2020 season?

    Exactly as the question sounds. In opening with a loss and probable drop, do you think Gophers will end up ranked again at any point during this season after this week?
  2. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Trump has Covid (...or does he?)

    Does anyone believe this is legit? How could this happen - he took hydroxycloroquine! President Donald Trump tweets he and first lady Melania Trump test positive for Covid-19
  3. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    New Covid Theory - The Bradykinin Hypothesis

    A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis
  4. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Shooting Downtown Minneapolis *Right Now*

    Shooting situation with different conflicting reports. Sounds like a officers went after a man who may or may not have been involved in another crime, and their version is that he killed himself. Others are claiming to have witnessed him being shot by an officer. Situation is escalating quickly...
  5. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Robert Trump: Cause of death?

    This is supposedly an in and out of the hospital thing - why the delay in cause of death? Interesting timing in that it seems to have been something that came into play really this spring. Covid related? Some people think maybe Trump has something to do with it. Sympathy? Interesting timing. I...
  6. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Trump Admin Moves to Corrupt Coronavirus Data

    Nothing blatant here. Nope. "Hospital data on coronavirus patients will now be rerouted to the Trump administration instead of first being sent to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed to CNN on Tuesday. The move could make data...
  7. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    The Lincoln Project: Real Republicans Standing Up

    If anyone has yet to take a look at any of these videos that have popped up lately, the Lincoln Project is a group of Republicans who have decided enough is enough and to not bend to the cult-will of Donald Trump and his burgeoning autocracy. Not a Republican myself, but i have to say that i'm...
  8. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    I'm Damn Proud of Minnesota

    Anyone else? There is no place in the world like Minnesota. No state with a better history of doing great things...despite our flaws, past and present! This video warmed my heart: Let's continue to build on it and make it better! Let's stop tearing it down.
  9. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    "Coming vs Going" - hypothetical waiver eligibility for transfers

    I absolutely don't get what it is about either Robbins' or Peterson's situation that leads fans to believe both or even one of them will be able to play this coming season. Robbins has some family, apparently, but that's a circumstance to couple with an emergency situation, not a stand alone...
  10. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Winfield to the Bucs

    So the fantasy dies. Congratulations Antoine!
  11. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Antoine Winfield going pro next year?

    I don't personally feel like this is a question anymore - anyone still disagree? Huge game on national TV.
  12. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    No Ref love for Jordan Murphy?

    I've been a fan since the Burton/Newbern/Shikenenjanski days and i just can't for the life of me think of any other notable player who has ever gotten less love from officials, despite that other teams are clearly hanging all over him much of the time. Now, it doesn't surprise me when Gophers in...
  13. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Murphy going Pro?

    So now that announcers are saying this during live broadcasts, i guess it's a thing. What do Gopher fans think about Jordan Murphy going pro after this season?
  14. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Reggie Lynch - Senior Year

    As the season nears and the excitement about the team this year and into the future heats up, i feel like the one name i've heard surprisingly little about, is Reggie Lynch. Seems like everyone is looking so far ahead into the future at the new kids that our senior class is a bit unheralded...
  15. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Filling the Student Section - 'Scholarship Raffle'?

    Have students pick up a raffle ticket as they check into the game, one per ticket used. At halftime, there is a drawing and 5 numbers win a $100 scholarship. Must be present to win, prizes must be claimed within x minutes of halftime ending. At the end of the game, of those (potentially as many...
  16. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Do you approve of this hire?

    Possibly premature but for all intents and purposes, it sounds like Rich Pitino is our new head coach. If so, how do you feel about this hire?
  17. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    NT gambling on his own genius to promote a top assistant coach @ a lower salary?

    Say for a moment that Norwood plans to act under the realization that this hire needs to be an absolute homerun, in every aspect, and not just a 'safe' pick. This could likely be the defining hire of his tenure here. Perhaps he's so utterly confident in his connections, that not only is he...
  18. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Why not...Fred Hoiberg?

    With all of the speculation about Shaka, previously, and Flip, as of late, are we possibly overlooking another candidate with ties to the U? Hard to argue with the job Fred has done thus far at Iowa State and he's seems to possess a lot of qualities that we're looking for in a coach. He's been...
  19. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Penn State upsets Michigan

    Per Yahoo: Obviously something that comes to mind after beating Indiana is that the Gophers might be primed for a letdown against Penn State after such an emotional, historic win. Since Penn State just scored their own...
  20. WhoFellDownTheGopherHole?

    Elliott Eliason - Strength/Conditioning

    I haven't been able to watch any Gopher basketball action live to this point, only the scant array of clips that i've seen in highlights. I'm curious to know, from those who've been able to watch, their impressions of Elliot's game and body type this season. From what i can discern, he actually...
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