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    Destiny PItts: Transfers to Texas A&M (All Things Suspension and Transfer Related)

    Why wouldn’t she be considered a senior?🤔
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    Destiny PItts: Transfers to Texas A&M (All Things Suspension and Transfer Related)

    Whalen is constantly learning from mistakes.
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    Gopher Sports: Introducing Laura Bagwell Katalinich

    That was a great Q&A session that didn’t entirely shy away from the tougher questions. Learned some interesting things about her. Learned some things I didn’t know about Whalen. Thanks for posting the whole thing because I rarely bother going to the links.(y)
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    I had a feeling....
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    NCAA Oversight Committee to Propose November 25 Start Date

    I’m not sure how this all works with no bubble and no vaccine.
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    MSR: Charles Hallman: Ex-Gopher Says Similar Conditions Existed Here

    So Jane played under both Stollings and Whalen. 🤔
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    All Things Paige Bueckers Recruitment Thread - Videos, Analysis, Tid-Bits, Articles

    Auriemma and Bueckers aren’t local to each other though. 🤔
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    Could she possibly sue since I thought I read she wasn’t getting a buyout?
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    2022 Recruiting

    A lot more than that. Looks like Minnesota is trying to raid the Wisconsin Flite Elite.
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    St Thomas Gets Approval for D1 Starting 2021-22

    Now Whalen will have competition for D1 recruits? It’s tough enough when she didn’t have competition. :unsure:
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    2022 Recruiting

    Not sure what position she plays, but is anybody else impressed with the play of Emily La Chapell of the Wisconsin Flight?
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    ESPN's Graham Hayes: Kara Lawson Represents a New Generation of Coaches

    Unlike Whalen, Lawson had a little coaching experience. She coached 3x3, plus her last job was assistant coaching for the Celtics. Plus, she’s always had that coaching moxie, kinda cocky and sure of herself.... again unlike Whalen.
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    2021 Recruiting

    2021 WBB prospect Ellie Dague, 5-9 G, Henning HS (MN), has announced her commitment to North Dakota State
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    UConn cuts some sports teams

    Stanford cutting 11.
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    UConn cuts some sports teams

    I suppose a lot depends on who they get to replace him. They’ll always have the name now, just like Tennessee name still draws women’s basketball players no matter who is coaching.
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    UConn cuts some sports teams
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    2022 Recruiting

    Might as well count the Gophers out early. The Whalen name isn’t enough.
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