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  1. dlw4gophers

    Lawrence put with covid

    The Vikings are competitive once in awhile. I think it’s the Jets he is worried about drafting him.
  2. dlw4gophers

    What are you drinking for the game?

    I will be having a Yuengling or two. I need something to wash down my hot chili.......
  3. dlw4gophers

    Five easiest schedules in the Big Ten (#3. Minnesota)

    That's easy, Wisconsin has to play Minnesota.
  4. dlw4gophers

    River Flats - Tailgating

    You going to have a TV? If they tell you to leave, set up a tent and claim your homeless. It will take them awhile to figure out what to do and by that time the Gophers should have the jug.
  5. dlw4gophers

    Fan attendance

    I am guessing yes. Fry will even block off the Nicollet Mall for you.
  6. dlw4gophers

    Fan attendance

    Fans will be going to the game per channel 5. 800, family and a few friends from both teams.
  7. dlw4gophers

    Opt Out/Gone

  8. dlw4gophers

    Opt Out/Gone

    Does anyone really know what’s going on with Dunlap. I don’t see him on the roster!
  9. dlw4gophers

    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    what do we know on Dunlap. He is not listed on the roster.
  10. dlw4gophers

    ESPN: Most important game, Minnesota: 11/28 at Wisconsin

    PJ would probably say The NEXT One.
  11. dlw4gophers

    STrib: Gophers athletes will have day off from sports Nov. 3 so they can vote

    Mail in voting and now you want the day off to put it in a mailbox.
  12. dlw4gophers

    Can we talk about the important things?

    Got a coupon code from them. Was going to order a few things, but everything I wanted did not qualify for the sale . WTF
  13. dlw4gophers

    Big Ten Football in October?

    Just a guess by me, but there will be no Bowl season for the Big10.
  14. dlw4gophers

    Wake Forest to display emblems, ‘Black Lives Matter’ on helmets this season

    N No generalization there. Someone said, so must be true.
  15. dlw4gophers

    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I am not going to call out a kid from Minnesota for going somewhere else, but the trend of not being able to get the top in-state lineman is disturbing. My dream school was Minnesota, but I did not. play sports at that level.
  16. dlw4gophers

    Season Ticket refund

    I responded when the season went to all conference games and no fans were to be allowed. Have not heard anything. Guess I brill give them a call tomorrow
  17. dlw4gophers

    Season Ticket refund

    So when will this refund happen. Hopefully they play starting around Nov. , but the stands will be empty.
  18. dlw4gophers

    Dunlap enters transfer portal

    Whatever the reason. Glad your sticking around. Loved watching the line perform last year.
  19. dlw4gophers

    Dunlap enters transfer portal

    I don’t blame him, if he is going to a conference that is going to play this Fall.
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