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    MarQueis Gray

    IMO, Jerry Kill partially gave up on this season when Kill decided to use Nelson as the starting QB and give up on a injured MarQueis. It was a BS excuse when Kill said that he didn't want Gray to play quarterback because he wasn't healthy enough. Maybe this is just frustration on my part, but...
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    Happy Veterans Day MSU vs UNC

    Happy Veterans day to all my fellow soldiers and to all the airmen, seamen, and marines. To all the have given the ultimate sacrifce. RIP and thank you! MSU and UNC are playing on the USS Carl Vinson! How cool is that?!?
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    Forgive me if this has been posted before, but could this team be playing so dreadful because of there lack of confidence. Starting the season these guys really believed in themselves and even some guy from ESPN picked them to upset USC. And they almost upset them. USC might not be better then...
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    Dajon Mcknight

    The only person I have had a hard time watching this season is Dajon. Man, if you screw up (which happens alot in football) thats fine if your going 110%. I have zero problem with that. Coaches stress that! But when our agruably best player on the team isn't playing 100% thats when I have a...
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    Stop pointing fingers!

    To many people on here keep pointing fingers thats its this guys fault or that guys fault.. Give it up people. What is the point of moaning and complaining? Absolutely nothing! It stinks we are 1-3, but what is blaming Coach Kill or Q or Max, or I saw someone blame Royston doing? Its not going...
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    Heres a link to ESPN stating up to 13 players under investigation for the upcoming season. I wonder if Henderson is going to be one of the 13? Sorry I know this isnt...
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    Nate Triplett

    IDK if this is already been announced cause i havent been on in a while, but Nate is now playing for the Colts. On the team not the practice squad. He got signed last week of the san deigo practice squad and participated in the game last sunday against dallas. Good for him! Make Minnesota proud!!
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    Forever a Vikings town

    The freakin twins are playing game one in the ALDS tonight and the Vikings are getting the coverage because they added that guy. Whats his name? #84 think think? oh yeah Randy Moss. How are the Gophers suppose to get any coverage these days? Won't happen. Well not much at least. Im not...
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    Lets ride!

    This video is from a few years ago. Im as disappointed as everyone else about this season. But u cant say its his enthusiasm. Id give him one more year. If you cant do it in 5 years then we can talk. It takes 5 years to get a full roster of HIS guys anyways. Give him a fifth year and if he shows...
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    Ra'Shede Hageman

    Whats the deal with this guy? In the Trib Phil Miller said that he is not listed as a DE anymore and is now listed as Kirkseys backup at DT. Whats wrong with him? If hes so strong and physically gifted does he have a very low football IQ or somethin because it should be that hard to pick up a DE...
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    Brewster or Childress

    Who is the worst coach? Id have to say Childress is a better recruiter since he got #4 in town. Id like to say Brewster is a better coach..... but i just dont know. Talk about some bad football coaches in minnesota right now lol.
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    Who is No. 3?

    There has been alot of chatter about the lack of gopher coverage in the state recently. I saw this interesting article reading the startrib tonight and though it was pretty accurate. Its not too informative to me, but I still liked it. I disagree with the gophers basketball being in the...
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    Jon's dad

    Sorry to inform everybody. I was on facebook a few minutes ago and from the look from Jon's status and the writings on his wall it looks like his father passed. The whole Hoese family is in my thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for everyone
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    Tonights Game

    Can some really knowledgable gopherholer give me the details of tonights game please. Both positives and negitives would be appreciated! I saw the box score. Running game killed it tonight. But thats about the extent I know. From the box score I noticed Weber didn't look to hot. Was that mostly...
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    I SO PUMPED FOR TONIGHT!! I wish I could watch the game tonight! ill be checking my phone every 5 mins in class tonight!! GO GOPHERS!!
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    Deckers Back!

    Eric Decker will be playing against the Vikings on thursday in both teams final preseason game. The final game is for backups so I'm sure Decker will be getting alot of playing time. Hopefully he can score a touchdown in his return! Theres an...
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    Big 10 the best conference?

    Is the big ten the best conference in the Nation? Most of the preseason top 25 rankings ive seen had 3 big 10 schools in the top 6. Illinois was consistantly ranked in the top 15 seeing them as high as 9. a few times and saw wisconsin and northwestern sneek in closer to 25. Minnesota was...
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    Favre helps the Gophers Mbakwe will be back
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    Triplett interview its a pretty good article.
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    Nate Triplett and Eric Decker

    Vikings training camp started yesterday I believe and if any of you guys here any info on how Nate's doin let us know. Same for Eric Decker and the rest of the gophers who were picked up this year. Also quick question. I Vandasteeg still in the NFL? didnt he play for the Ravens or somethin?
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