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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Even the haters and losers.
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    Iowa State Commit Jirehl Brock Says P.J. Fleck Would Text Him Every 30 Minutes "Before I took my visit, I heard they would put you in the office and lock the doors and put an hourglass upside down and say, 'You have this much time to commit.' Good thing...
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    Rand Paul attacked by Liberal neighbor An irate neighbor allegedly assaulted U.S. Sen. Rand Paul on Friday as the senator was mowing the lawn outside his Bowling Green, Ky., home, according to neighbors. Kentucky State Police identified the alleged...
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    To Liberals here: Do you support communism?

    I only ask because I just watched this documentary and there are a lot of ties between democrats and communism. Seems like they aren't very open about taking money from openly communist organizations and the muslim brotherhood.
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    Jamele Hill suspended 2 weeks "Jemele Hill of ESPN has become incredibly vocal about politics on Twitter in recent weeks. She originally gained notoriety for calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist, and on Sunday...
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    Do you think Trump should force congress to use Obamacare?

    As far as I understand, he can use an executive order to make this happen. They get special insurance because they are congressmen. Will it mean anything? I'd assume they could just use their millions in net worth and buy nice insurance anyways. I would love for him to stick it to the swamp...
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    Websites that stream other than big ten 2 go?

    I would love to watch but am in Texas and don't have big ten 2 go.
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    Black Friday

    Any of you camp out? I usually participate in cyber monday instead so I can shop in my home. Waiting to get a Microsoft Surface w/ keyboard for 230$ tomorrow morning. What are YOU thinking about getting?
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    Your opinion on "Pick up Artists"?

    I know you'll find it hard to believe, but Mr. Steak isn't the most successful hunter when the game is women. I have been reading a lot of PUA stuff the last few weeks. I did get a date with a girl from Pizza hut in Oklahoma last weekend, but mostly negative results instead. I've seen my friends...
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    Anybody here use a SAD lamp before?

    S.A.D basically is when you get tired and depressed because of the changing seasons. This mostly means from Fall to Winter. I get this, even though I love winter, and am thinking about buying one of these...
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    Have you ever been biten by anything poisonous?

    Last night I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. They are poisonous, and only trailing the Black Widow as far as American poisonous spiders. I am treating it in my hotel room with hydrogen peroxide.
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    Online stream of Gophers VS LeHigh?

    Somebody know of a stream? I am in middle of nowhere Oklahoma...
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    Do you have any lazy co-workers?

    I have two co-workers who are so damn lazy. They don't do anything! I recently got promoted over them and now they are trash talking me behind my back, saying I brown nose. All I did was work hard. What's with lazy people? They piss me off.
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    Why do people choose to own pitbulls and bull dogs?

    Despite their aggressiveness towards other dogs and even humans, people still claim to "love" these monsters. Here's an example. Friday evening I'm going to my aunt's house on Lake Marie to do some Jet Skiing. My cousin and her are on the paddleboards around the dock. Buster, their 14 year old...
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    Is everybody on our team related?

    They all have the same last name....
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    In your professional opinion, what is the meaning of life

    To be happy? To have kids? To make a ton of money?
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    Is political correctness a problem in the USA?

    It seems if anybody says a bad word or something unconventional, that differs from what the majority of people think, all hell breaks loose. Can't pray in school because some non believers will get offended. Why? Because the school fears the backlash that a minority of the community will make...
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    Is online dating respectable?

    I don't care what you find Gopher fans think, online dating is awesome. Since I got my new job traveling around the USA, I've turned to online dating to meet girls. It's barely possible unless you're really handsome or ripped to meet girls in person while traveling, unless you're lucky. Online...
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    all things travelling thread

    Just got to the lovely city of Akron. Layover in a mile walk airport in Charlotte. Working my way over to Pittsburgh. Got a phone number from mexican girl on my first flight ever.
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