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    Some notes from Gopher Gridiron Radio

    Ryan Burns had a lot of bad news to share on Gopher Gridiron Radio. First of all, Curtis Dunlap has "work to do" before he gets back on the field. The way Ryan talked about this it sounds like it has to with more than just conditioning. Unfortunately Daniel Faalele also has work to do to play...
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    Coaching Blind Resumes

    Selection Sunday has done fantastic posts like this for tournament teams, and I thought I would try it for coaches. It might be obvious who these guys are, but please don't share if you know. All 3 of these guys actually coached in the same mid major conference Candidate A: 12-6 in...
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    This stat will make you physically ill: Standing since Gard took over Wisconsin

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Big Ten standings since Greg Gard took over at Wisconsin. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Bart T?rvik (@totally_t_bomb) <a href="">March 2, 2020</a></blockquote> <script async...
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    Can anyone remember a more disappointing stretch of basketball?

    I went back and looked at Tubby's tenure and couldn't find a situation where we lost 4 games in such disappointing fashion as we have lost in this last 5 game stretch. The one stretch that came immediately to mind was the stretch to being the B1G in Pitino's second year. I looked it up and we...
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    Question for the board: What qualities are important to you in a head coach candidate?

    A lot of posters are throwing out their lists, or just their number one choice, for the Gopher basketball job. Because so many posts (I had some of these years ago believe it or not) start with "I really like Pitino", I wonder how many really value liking something about the coach's...
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    Time to put some "respek" on some names

    Let's start with PJ Fleck. Can the "Music Man" "Self-Promoter", "not a real coach", "phony", "fake" stuff stop now? The guy lost his offensive coordinator and defensive line coach before the bowl game and the team was coming off the most devastating loss this program has experienced in my...
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    We may never be in this position again

    The Gophers might win the West someday, but they likely will never again have a 2 game lead with 3 games to play. They likely will never be 9-0 with only a home game against Wisconsin looming as a potential roadblock to a perfect season. The Gophers were overwhelming favorites to win the West...
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    "After the play"

    This should be the focus, not PJ running on the field. If that's ruled part of the play, the Gophers still have the ball and have a chance at points. That was an enormous call and I don't remember ever seeing it ruled that way before.
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    Gophers lose to a team that did not play an upperclassmen

    This really destroys yet another excuse for Pitino.
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    Jamal Mashburn Jr Announcement Day Thread

    Jamal Mashburn Jr is a 6'0 guard from Miami, Florida who is the composite 88th best prospect in the 2020 class (85th on 247, 102 on Rivals) who visited California and Minnesota and also holds (or held) offers from Auburn, UConn, Florida, Florida State, Georgetown, and Ohio State among others...
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    Gophers open practice tomorrow at Wells Fargo Arena at 11 AM (free admission)

    Doors open at 10 AM. Cool chance to see the Gophers. In the past these have drawn about 2,000 people to Wells Fargo Arena. info here:
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    Ticket question for Thursday

    Are there any Minnesota sections of the crowd? I've been looking for tickets tonight, but wanted to hold back in case there were any particular sections for Gopher fans as it would be ideal to be among Gopher diehards. I wish you could buy tickets through the U for this like you can for a bowl...
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    Who is your nightmare match up?

    When the bracket is revealed tomorrow, who do you not want to see next to Minnesota? Please just pick one team. For me it's Syracuse (who Lunardi and Palm both have the Gophers matched up with in an 8/9 game as I write this). I have several reasons for this starting with the Syracuse...
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    UConn grad transfer kicker Michael Tarbutt visited the Gophers recently

    He's made some long kicks for UConn over the past two years (a 50 and a 53), but also has choked in a big moment or two (missed an extended extra point that could have forced an overtime as an example) Article on his struggles 2 years ago...
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    What is your level of confidence for the Purdue game?

    I didn't feel like the Gophers were going to win before Michigan State lost and Purdue had the opportunity to win the conference outright. Now it seems even more unlikely that the Gophers win. I am personally dreading yet another home letdown which has been an all too common occurrence. We...
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    Something that's tough to explain: Gophers getting schooled the 2nd time around

    December 5 Nebraska: Gophers win 85-78 over a no. 24 Nebraska team that was at full strength. the rematch February 13 @Nebraska: Gophers lose 62-61 to a Nebraska team that had lost two of its top 6 players and was on a 7 game losing streak. January 3rd @Wisconsin: Gophers win 59-52...
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    Which call bothered you the most?

    I've long since accepted that teams in the B1G (and some other conferences) are going to get the benefit of the whistle at home. It wouldn't bother me except for the fact that the Gophers don't seem to get that same courtesy on their home floor. There were multiple calls tonight where the...
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    2016 Holiday Bowl

    I've seen a number of references to this game, including from media personalities, which go something like this "A lot of these guys played really well in the Holiday Bowl under Claeys and now suddenly can't play". I went back and looked and this just isn't the case. Here is the depth chart...
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    After a thoroughly disappointing day capped by Purdue rendering last weeks "feel good" moment meaningless by taking Ohio State out in a huge upset, I was curious to see when Gopher fans last had an opportunity to storm the field. Literally every program seems to at least luck in to a huge upset...
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    Richard Pitino on first day of practice

    Daniel and Eric are still limited, Eric has a calf strain that will keep him out a couple weeks. Ongoing process with the Marcus Carr waiver, it hasn't been decided yet. Someone asked about "Gabe and Travis" which puzzled Pitino and he asked "do we have a Travis on the team?" Questioner...
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