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    What team did you really like that was not Gopher basketball?

    I have a few good friends who went to Gonzaga, so I tend to pull for them. The one team I really liked that stood out to me was the 2001-2002 Maryland team that won the National Championship. Also really enjoyed the Villanova team with Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye, and Allan Ray.
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    Charles Hallman: Gopher recruiting failures lead to chronic weakness

    Looks to me like he is pretty set on Gonzaga. I would guess he goes there and not abroad.
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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    With all that's going on right now, gotta think visits will be limited, giving advantages to teams that had previously recruited players.
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    Charles Hallman: Gopher recruiting failures lead to chronic weakness

    Gonzaga played 15 games this year on ESPN or ESPN2. We played 3 games on ESPN2 and 1 on FOX.
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    This league is nuts

    Such a deep league. Hard to tell who the real contenders are at this point. Could be a lot or just a few.
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    To Feel Safe & Comfy Heading To Big Ten Tournament

    How many at-large teams make it a year? Trying to get some context for the #41 NET ranking. Feeling really good about our chances right now. Edit: Looks like it is 36 at-large teams every year. Probably could have spent the 10 seconds to Google that before asking haha.
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    Suggs craps on Pitino in strib article

    Not buying this. Suggs is Gonzaga's first consensus 5-star. They are always made up of 3 and 4 stars. See this link: 8 of their top 14 recruits of all time are currently on the roster or committed to Gonzaga (but haven't...
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    Cry Me A River Roy!

    There is no excuse for UNC being this bad. I really don't understand how it could happen.
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    Suggs craps on Pitino in strib article

    After reading this thread, thank God we got Dan Monson and Gonzaga was stuck with Mark Few.
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    ***ALL THINGS JALEN SUGGS THREAD*** UPDATED 9/22: Gophers Offer Scholarship

    It was previously reported Suggs would announce his decision on Saturday, Jan 4, but sounds like Friday, Jan 3 is possible.
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Decent chance Suggs commits to Gonzaga next weekend during the visit. Suggs specifically planned this weekend because he has two really good buddies that are Gonzaga commits (Dominick Harris and Julian Strawther) that will be there that weekend as well (it is also Gonzaga's "Midnight Madness")...
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