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    Play-Action Pass

    One thing that has really frustrated, and perplexed me this year (and in years past), is the design of our play-action pass plays. When we did them yesterday, Rhoda would fake it to the opposite side of the way the RB was going. Not effective whatsoever in confusing Lbers and DBs. I can't recall...
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    Recent Alumni Student Tickets

    After doing a quick google I realized that recent alum can get reduced student tickets so two friends and I just bought ours! Chose to pay an extra $100 for a scholarship donation or something to get better seats, but still pretty excited. I don't remember getting any communication about this...
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    Kevin McHale for AD?

    Seems like a fairly obvious choice to at least gauge his interest. Has connections at the U and his time as GM of the TPups couldn't hurt.
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