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    Daniel Oturu's draft position

    Looks like 2nd round and G-league duty for DO. In the old days that would be cause for return to college ball but no longer. All these marginal NBA players leaving early is hard to understand. College degree really losing its value.
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    Beilein to Northwestern?

    Seems like a good fit if Collins is not retained. BTW, I think Collins is a good coach but their talent and experience were pretty bad this year.
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    Now lets win the B10 tourney

    Easy? Of course not. Likely? Not even. But Gophers are not a bad team and have a punchers chance if Gabe keeps it up.
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    Iowa a Final 4 team?

    Jimmy Dykes just mentioned them as a candidate FF team. Has some merit, IMO.
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    Fire Whalen!

    Sorry, wrong board. But about being in over your head. Another tough loss tonight but at least the mens team has a chance.
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    Amir 25 minutes of burn tonight

    10 points in blowout over Cleveland. Well done Amir!
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    transfer insanity

    I see that Quade Green is making a big impact at Washington less than a year after quitting at Kentucky because he was beaten out by Ashton Hagans. I am sure Kahlil Whitney will get immediate eligibility at GTown or Illinois next year because he also couldn't hack the competition at Kentucky...
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    3 point shooting

    Oturu has made two fewer 3-point shots than Gabe in B1G play. A statistical oddity to say the least. I think Gabe is having issues with mechanics.
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    Marcus Carr appreciation thread

    Most points ever scored by a Gopher PG? Well done Marcus!
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    MSU looks like crap. Preseason #1 LOL.
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    college basketball recruiting landscape

    Has it ever been more odious? I'm not calling for recruiting socialism but Kentucky's 2020 class accurately reflects how warped the system has become.
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    Who thinks Tom Izzo is an A-hole?

    Pompous ass. Hope his MSU team gets whipped.
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    Gophers record in games that Amir Coffey has played over the last three years. 58-25 if you subtract two games he played last season with a busted shoulder. As good as Murphy has been, Amir's value maybe even higher.
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    Curry's injury(s)

    Does anyone know the nature of ECs new foot injury? Curious if he was heading under the knife again or if its less serious.
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    Who is your non-Dook pick to win it all?

    I like a certain team from the SEC...don't think a B1G team will make the Final 4 this year.
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    Eric Curry expectations

    Is Curry expected to play tomorrow? Does anyone have any idea where he is at in terms of his fitness? He has been away for SO long there have been times where I've nearly forgotten he is a member of the team. Our team is unusual in the sense that I think we have unrealized upside for THIS...
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    NCAA..what can you say?
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    FBI Lists

    So far we are not on it....sure hope it stays that way. A few B1G teams are on it.
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    Michael Hurt's strong play

    Can we kill the MH/MIAC thread already? He's on a B1G team and is finally beginning to play with confidence and a little more assertiveness. I can see why Pitino values his play since he plays so hard, moves well without the ball, and makes the right pass more often than not. It is good to see...
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    NU epic meltdown

    OMG. 8 pts in the 2nd half. Maybe can still pull it out.
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