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    Uniform Poll - Northwestern Championship Week

    What uniform combo will the Golden Gophers wear for Northwestern Championship Week?
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    Gopher Uniform Poll - Penn State Championship Week

    Chrome Gold - Maroon - Maroon The boys are going to look sharp on Saturday!!! Remember to wear your maroon and support the Maroon out! Ski U Mah Row the Boat Go Gophers!
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    PJ Agrees to New Deal

    "PJ Fleck has agreed to a new seven-year contract at Minnesota. Deal includes significant pay raise for he and his staff" per Pete Thamel on Twitter.
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    Gopher Uniform Combo - Maryland Championship Week

    What will the Gophers wear on Saturday against Maryland?
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    Gopher Uniform Combo - Rutgers Week

    What will the Gophers uniform combo be this week at Rutgers?
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    Uniform Poll

    What uniform combination will the Gophers wear for homecoming this weekend?
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    Weekly Uniform Prediction

    Predictions for this weeks uniform against Georgia Southern?
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    Weekly Uniform Poll - Fresno State Week

    What is your prediction for the uniform combination this week? I am going with all white!
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    Over/Under at 50

    Would you take the over or under for how many times we run inside zone on Saturday?
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    QB Change

    I just heard from a reliable source that Demry Croft will be our guy going forward. Thoughts?
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    Uniform Combination for the Beaver game?

    White/White/White White/White/Maroon White/White/Yellow Maroon/White/White Maroon/White/Maroon Maroon/White/Yellow Yellow/White/White Yellow/White/Maroon Yellow/White/Yellow
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    Mitch Leidner's Finale

    On Saturday Mitch Leidner will play his final game at TCF Bank Stadium. Hallelujah!! For the past 4 years we have all had the privilege to watch mediocre (at best) quarterback play. With a fifth year senior QB and one of the easiest schedules in the nation one would expect a special year...
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