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    Gopher fan at Rose Bowl

    Not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere, but it probably deserves its own thread. Did anyone else see the Gopher fan during the game? He was wearing a maroon Minnesota shirt and was clearly shown shortly after one of the WI touchdowns in the front row - he was not cheering. Who was this guy?
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    Practice Facility Update

    My office was recently brought on board to work on this building similar to the football stadium. There have been a few myths floating around about it that I can verify. 1. It will be located on the west side of Williams. 2. It will include 2 courts next to each other. 3. Part of the building...
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    Gopher sports vs anything else

    Wednesday I went to a local bar to watch the game and enjoy a night out with some friends. I got there at 6:30 and asked if they could switch one of the TVs to the Gopher's basketball game. They didn't even know there was a game on which upset me a little, but no big deal. I was watching the...
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    Punt Returns

    I’ve been frustrated with the Gopher’s lack of punt returns this season, so I looked into the statistics. Currently, our opponents have punted 38 times and we only have attempted 3 returns. In nearly every punt that I’ve paid attention, our opponent’s gunners are unblocked and are free to...
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    Great TCF Bank Stadium Photo

    My office was sent this postcard from a photographer - presumably to purchase the photo. Sorry for the poor quality scan, but I thought this was one of the best photos I've seen yet of the stadium. Anyone else have any wallpaper worthy photos?
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    TCF Bank Stadium Pictures

    I was lucky enough to get out on site again today. I took a bunch of pictures, but only had the chance to post some of the good ones. Enjoy.
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    Stadium Picture

    I took this picture while driving by the stadium today with my cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality.
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    Eric Decker & new OC

    How will Decker be affected by this hire? Last year he skipped spring practice to play baseball because he felt he knew the offense well enough already and got permission from Brew. With a new OC and likely a new system, does he get the same permission from Brew this year? If he doesn't, then...
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    2009 Heisman watch: Adam Weber makes the list

    The out of no where watch list seems to be full of VERY long shots, among them, Adam Weber. At least the national media is paying attention to Gopher football.
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