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    Official 2020 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    I, for one, am extremely excited for Kreuder, if only to see him take the field at OLB on passing downs in our soon-to-be-infamous "Blitzkrieg Package". Also seems like a freak athlete.
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    Gophers 4 losses and next 3 high major games...

    I have two mental images of Omersa that I can't shake--one, his leaping up and down defending in the low post last year (seems to be under much more control this year), and two, his going nuts on the bench whenever a backup teammate hits a shot. He's very possibly my favorite Gopher--the guy...
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    Gophers receive commitment from Florida wide receiver Douglas Emilien

    This makes me feel much better about my lifetime record 4.9.
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    Omersa and Hurt are both having great games and Demir seems to have remembered where the basket is.
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    Rutgers away section

    As a PA resident, there are really only three Gophers away opponents I can realistically make it to a game for (PSU, MD, and Rutgers), so looks like it's time for a pilgrimage to Piscataway this year. Does anyone know where the away fans will be? Would much rather get seats around some friendly...
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