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  1. mnsportsgeek

    iOS Home Screen icon

    Any chance you guys are able to choose a nice icon that iOS gives you when adding GopherHole to your home screen? Not sure if this is possible, but I believe some websites are able to do this. I seem to remember before everyone had apps that a lot of websites were able to define the image you’d...
  2. mnsportsgeek

    Comcast and BTN in Contract Dispute Looks like there is a risk of Comcast dropping BTN at the end of August, and from what it sounds like it could also affect the FS1 games as...
  3. mnsportsgeek

    The Athletic

    Who here subscribes to The Athletic? I was always intrigued by it when they added Brandon Warne and Jon Krawczynski for Twins and Wolves coverage. I've heard Russo also does an excellent job with Wild coverage. Last week I heard they were adding my favorite Minnesota United writer, Jeff Rueter...
  4. mnsportsgeek

    United FC will pay U at least $1M to use TCF Bank Stadium

    Looks like we found out how we can afford PJ! All in all, a nice pay day for the U. Not sure where the money goes though. Does it go to the athletic department or the general fund? Minnesota United FC will pay the University of Minnesota at least $1 million to play its inaugural season at TCF...
  5. mnsportsgeek

    Pitino for Big Ten Coach of the Year?

    We're now in the driver's seat to finish ahead of Northwestern. If we get the 4 seed in the BTT, Pitino has to be coach of the year right?
  6. mnsportsgeek

    Did WMU Play Real Spring Games?

    One thing that always bugged me under Kill/Claeys was how our Spring Games were always these snoozefest scrimmages with a bunch of modifications. Are we actually gonna line up and play some football this April?
  7. mnsportsgeek

    Where Does Leidner Finish In Career Passing Yards?

    As it stands today, he is at 5118 passing yards. His season by season breakdown is: 2013: 619 2014: 1798 2015: 2701 Where does he finish? I say firmly in 2nd. I don't think we have the weapons to post ~3100 yards alongside our presumably strong running game. As long as he stays healthy...
  8. mnsportsgeek

    Free $10 to Use Towards Minneapolis Sports Tickets

    Hey guys, I just came across this app that I used to get into the Vikings pre season game for free a couple weeks ago. Go to this link on your smartphone to download the app. I think it works on iPhone and Android: Use the referral code GOAL89306 to get your...
  9. mnsportsgeek

    NDSU Fans Are Right. They Really Are the Best Team in the Country. I Have Proof!

    We just weren't thinking hard enough! If we had just taken the time to understand their logic, we would have saved years of bickering. Clearly they are the best team in the country if we use the logic taught at NDSU. On behalf of everyone in the GopherHole community, we apologize to all Bison...
  10. mnsportsgeek

    Citrus Bowl Ratings Sink to Multi-Year Lows

    The Tigers’ win earned the second-lowest rating and viewership for the Citrus Bowl since at least 2001, ahead of only the 2012 game on ESPN (2.9, 4.5M). It was also ABC’s lowest rated and least-watched New Year’s Day bowl game since at least ’01, falling below the previous marks of 5.1 for the...
  11. mnsportsgeek

    Pick The Time: What time does Melvin complain about OSU twisting his ankles?

    Title explains it all. You can pick a 1 hour time slot. All times will be considered in CST. I got 3:00-4:00 PM on Monday, December 8.
  12. mnsportsgeek

    Anyone know where to go for BTN in NOLA?

    Hey all, I thought I would just throw up a prayer and see if any of you guys are knowledgable when it comes to football in New Orleans. I'm in New Orleans for the week staying on St. Charles Avenue. Does anyone know where to go that isn't all SEC all the time? I walked by The Blind Pelican...
  13. mnsportsgeek

    Real Tweets From NBA Players Before Twitter Was Mainstream

    This is priceless. I wouldn't have believed this if not for the links to the original tweets. The Damien Lillard tweets to Lebron are the best.
  14. mnsportsgeek

    Anyone have a tailgate parking pass they need to give up?

    Sorry I forgot to put which game in the title. I'm interested in the Northwestern game. I'm interested in 1 parking pass in a lot with tailgating allowed for the Northwestern game. Let me know if you're looking to get rid of one. Thanks in advance!
  15. mnsportsgeek

    Gophers Offer MJ Rhett - Tennesee State Transfer

    According to Jeff Goodman: <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Rhett said offers already from Oklahoma St, Wichita St, Memphis, Villanova, Miami, Ole Miss, Tenn, Ga Tech, Illinois, Minn, Texas A&M.</p>— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) <a...
  16. mnsportsgeek

    Tom Crean on the hot seat?

    Maybe not as crazy as it sounds?
  17. mnsportsgeek

    Just in case you are dissapointed with our bowl bid...

    Here is a video of Rice accepting their bid to the Liberty Bowl. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. mnsportsgeek

    When Will Andre Be Andre again?

    He was a shadow of himself for 5 of the 6 halfs in Maui. Is he in a slump? Did his collision with Joey King make him dizzy? Usually if he has a bad game he bounces back the next night. It's strange to see our star player struggling for three games in a row. Will he get it back for FSU, or is...
  19. mnsportsgeek

    Who has been the best quarterback in the B1G in their last 4 games?

    I was curious to see how the Big Ten Quarterbacks have done in the last month, so I looked up the last 4 games that these quarterbacks have played in and logged their stats. It's pretty tight amongst the top, but I don't think anyone can argue that Braxton Miller and Phillip Nelson are not...
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