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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    Ah, thanks. (Admittedly, I'm eager to conclude she's a liar.)
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    I stopped following her when she left (was asked to leave?) but this Twitter bio is puzzling. Is she including her playing career in these stats? WNIT?
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    Kinda hard to jibe "We've known about this for two seasons" and "We didn't do anything until a national newspaper wrote about it."
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    One weird aspect of most of these stories (there's an opinion column in the Lubbock paper that basically begs the school to fire Stollings) is that they buy into her MO. The narrative seems to be, 'She was successful as a coach and that's why they're allowing her to get away with horrendous...
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    St Thomas Gets Approval for D1 Starting 2021-22

    If Stollings were still the coach, you can bet there would be.
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    2024 Recruiting

    Yes, the Gophers have made an offer to a player (Chloe Spreen) who, gulp, has not yet started high school. She's a 5-9 shooting guard from Indiana, who also has an offer from Michigan State.
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    2022 Recruiting

    Point guard Acacia Hayes tweeted she has an offer and Whalen liked the tweet.
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    B1G Coaching Changes 2020-21

    That video is WEIRD. I know everything is weird during the pandemic but: A. She does not look like the same person, B. A lot is being unsaid (presumably, she's leaving because her inability to get a contract extension indicated Duke was through with her?). C. I'm trying to remember when a...
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    Souhan: Carly Thibault-DuDonis has Family of Coaches to Rely On

    I know you to be a thoughtful and valued contributor to this site, but cutting and pasting a story like this is copwright infringement, and at a time when newspapers are the most endangered they have ever been.
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    Gopher Replay: Minnesota versus Purdue February 14, 2002

    Really fun to re-watch what I believe was the first Gopher game I attended in person.
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    Local 2021 Recruits. Will Gophers get another?

    Is it, though? In any case, are her injuries a concern?
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    Rutgers 2019-20

    Raoul reports that McDonald's All-American point guard Alexis Smith, having been given the boot by Baylor and worn one for part of her brief time in New Jersey, is moving on again.
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    STrib: Kent Youngblood's U Women's Hoops Mail Bag

    Some of these line-ups are pretty close to five-guard line-ups, including Youngblood's (although, since he doesn't know how to spell Sissoko...). I'm with you, Ignatius, in thinking Mershon starts if she's available and, if not, the Gophers need Hedman available fast. Otherwise, I guess Sconiers...
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    Signings 2020 Class

    Not sure if these rankings have been revised? Anyway, the Gophers with two in the top 100, Smith and Hedman
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    Various B1G Team Notes 2020-21

    Raoul reports her top scorer, Holesinska, has decamped for North Carolina (which reportedly has done some vicious roster-trimming).
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    B1G Coaching Changes 2020-21

    They must think they can land a pretty big name if they're dumping Alston, who was pretty good in most respects except obviously the big one of player retention. (In other words, I don't think Stollings will be failing up into this gig.)
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    I was thinking of Mershon.
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    Are we sure all of the Gophers are scholarship athletes? Maybe an out-of-state player is willing to walk on to come home, for instance?
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    Signings 2020 Class

    Purely wishful thinking but here's a semi-local product who also sounds like she could contribute immediately
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