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    Another 6.6 million unemployed

    Total numbers from the last three weeks is nearly 17 million unemployed. We're going to need another relief package soon.
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    College Tuition - Will it go down?

    Colleges are not expecting a 20% drop due to the effects of coronavirus. Less college budget for households / students Distance learning becoming a more valid option Availability to grants / loans General uncertainty students will get the value of college with possibility of social distancing...
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    Winning COVID - Darn Nebraska

    When normalized for population, we are doing pretty well compared to most states, but those pesky Huskers are doing better than us. We need to flatter our curver so we drop below them! Site:
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    POLL - Will we have a 2020 Football Season?

    Will we have a 2020 Football Season?
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    POLL - How bad is coronavirus?

    POLL - How bad is coronavirus?
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    Cancelling all student debt

    I was watching the CNN Bernie Town Hall. A lady who is in college said she's graduating in May with a law degree and $250,000 in student loan debt. Bernie said it was insane that people should be straddled with that much debt to get an education. I thought it was insane that a person goes to...
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    Is it time to replace Williams Arena?

    Is it time to replace Williams Arena?
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    Gophers 22-41 In February Dating Back to 2010-11 Season

    Record by year: 2020 - 1-2 2019 - 2-6 2018 - 1-7 2017 - 7-0 2016 - 2-4 2015 - 3-3 2014 - 3-5 2013 - 2-4 2012 - 1-6 2011 - 1-6
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    Why does MSNBC (and possibly the DNC) hate Andrew Yang so much?

    MSNBC has been "accidentally" omitting him for months despite his Top 7 / Top 5 polling. This week they introduced a graphic that had a picture of another Asian man instead of Andrew's actual photo. DNC doesn't seem to fond of him. In all debates he's had the least amount of time and as the...
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    SEC turns down CBS deal

    The SEC turned down a record breaking deal with CBS this week. Now it appears likely SEC will sign with Disney (ABC / ESPN) for that package which essentially marries the SEC, ESPN, and the College Football Playoffs even tighter than they were before. The $$ in the deal are substantial...
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    How much do we win by if we went for it on 4th and 2?

    How much do we win by if we went for it on 4th and 2?
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    Scott Frost's Best Wins through 2 years - Ranked!

    #11 2018 - 45-9 Win vs Bethune Cookman Bethune Cookman finished the year 7-5. This game was scheduled last minute for a previously scheduled bye-week due to a game cancellation earlier in the year. This was Frost's 2nd win at Nebraska and started a 2-game winning streak. #10 2019 35-21 Win vs...
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    POLL! - Do you know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are?

    POLL! - Do you know who Chip and Joanna Gaines are?
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    2019 Prep Bowl Thread

    Blooming Prairie up on BOLD 28-15. Gabe Hagen, a Minnesota State commit has a couple TD's. BOLD can't defend him on jump balls. Gabe is 6-3, 240 and plays DE and TE. He has a defensive TD off a pick as well.
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    Week 14 - Other Games - Thread (There are no other games)

    FIRST OF ALL, THERE ARE NO OTHER GAMES THIS WEEKEND!!! Tuesday Western Mich vs No Illinois Thursday Ole Miss vs Miss St. (Egg) Friday TX vs Texas Tech Virginia vs Virginia Tech Iowa at Nebraska (go Iowa!) Saturday OSU vs Michigan Ga va Ga Tech. (Poor Ga Tech) Alabama vs Auburn (go Auburn)...
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    New "Row The Boat" Video

    Just saw this on twitter. Might get you amped up depending on your taste.
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    Congratulations to Mark Coyle on the successful hire

    Mark Coyle was brought in as AD and faced a rocky start. He fired a coach who was very popular among some and went out and found his guy. From fire to hire he spent about 72 hours getting the guy he wanted. Not only did he get the guy he wanted, but it appears PJ Fleck was the #1 or #2 choice...
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    Don't ever feel bad about our strength of schedule when comparing to Alabama

    Alabama's opponent tomorrow is Western Carolina who is 3-6. Western Carolina lost to Wofford 59-7. They lost to Furman 28-7. Their three wins are against ETSU, VMI, and NG. (North Greenville). ETSU is 3-8. Their wins are over Mercer, Austin Peay, and Shorter. Alabama should move down a spot...
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    Mike Bloomberg buying ad-time

    Investing more than Obama did. Likely to run as a Democrat. (I thought maybe an independent).
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