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  1. theTurning

    FS: 2 NEB tickets - sec 152

    Hey all— selling our 2 tickets to the Nebraska game this Saturday as we will be out of town. Really fun seats right on the plaza and would prefer they go to Gopherholers before I throw them online. $200 for both seems fair. Shoot me a line!
  2. theTurning

    New Plaza Seating?

    Looking at the seating chart and noticed additional sections in the plaza (152A etc). Has anyone seen these? Did they actually add seating?
  3. theTurning

    Question about renewing tix

    So I got my renewal email and went through the whole process this week. Same old same old regarding moving seats; you just type in the changes you're requesting and hope for the best. My dad and I would like to move, not even to better seats, just to a different part of the stadium. My question...
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