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    Final Field Of 68 Projection (Sad Face): The Year The Lights Went Out In March

    Gophers ended up at 42 in the NET rankings and 27 in the KenPom rankings. If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the year we’d end up with those numbers and not even be on the bubble, I would’ve said you’re crazy. What a wild season and a bizarre end.
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    It's official, March Madness is cancelled

    H1N1 started in the USA! There also wasn’t the same opportunity for early intervention. You are also conveniently only focusing on the 40 US deaths in your rant. 4600 people have died since December 1st. H1N1 had a mortality of rate of .01-.08%. Covid-19 currently has a rate of 3.4% worldwide...
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    It's official, March Madness is cancelled

    So your solution is to take a wait and see approach while other countries have already shown what a devastatingly outbreak of the virus looks like? Keep on going with business as usual? By the time you know how wide the virus may spread in the US, it’s too late. You have to take these...
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    Isiah Ihnen

    How about giving Pitino some credit for coaching and mentoring a kid to be a contributing player at the end of the year? You’re reaching if you see it otherwise.
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    Iowa a Final 4 team?

    Curious timing for that comment as they’re getting doubled up at home against a 15-14 Purdue team.
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    Marcuss Carr

    Not bad for a shoot first PG! :sneaky:
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    Yes, two above average players. That doesn’t mean those two are not good to great. Who else is an above average B1G starter on this team? There are at least 10 rosters I would take top to bottom over ours.
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    40 for Carr 38 for Oturu 36 for Willis 31 for Kalscheur The team was gassed yet again.
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    This much talent?? We have two above average players on the roster. We’re consistently seeing guys falter at the end of the games because they’re dead tired from playing too many minutes. They missed the free throws short because they had no legs. This isn’t an excuse for Pitino, it‘s an...
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    Wow. Another pathetic, epic collapse at home.
  11. Gold Vision

    Why would you keep Pitino?

    Carr is second in the B1G in assists per game.
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    Predictions for last 7 games...

    4-3 Iowa - W Indiana - W @ Northwestern - W Maryland - L @ Wisconsin - L @ Indiana - L Nebraska - W
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    Field of 68: Gophers Sit Roughly 5 Spots Below Bubble Cutline

    What’s the lowest KenPom rating a team has had that missed the dance? Gophers currently sitting at 31 in KenPom and 40 in the Net.
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    Damian Johnson: "I'm so glad we beat Wisconsin...It doesn't matter where the recruits are from it's about fit"

    Trevor Mbakwe chose Marquette over the Gophers out of high school and had legal issues for the majority of his Gopher career. I wouldn’t quite call that the blueprint of a Gopher career or the ideal ambassador to the program. DJ, on the other hand, is one of my all time favorite Gophers.
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    All Things 2019-2020 Other College Basketball Games Thread

    Davison is bad for basketball. Glad he keeps getting exposed with the new rules.
  16. Gold Vision

    Phillip Nelson XFL

    You should've (should have) never passed 4th grade English.
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    That’s a brutal matchup for the Gophers, especially on the road. Plenty more opportunity for some quality road wins. Those last 2 threes by Carr are huge for the NET rankings. Single digit loss to a top 20 NET team on the road won’t hurt us at all.
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    It has and it does. When is the last time you went to a big game at the barn?
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    Rutgers feels like they have 20 pounds on us at every position. Just out muscling and hustling us on every play.
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