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    Can/will Seth Green take the next step in his evolution?

    Seth stepped up big time, without really having a position two years ago as the Wild Cat QB. He has since scored 16 TDs (13 rushing, 3 passing), and become an impact player while having a relatively small role as a player. The Wild Cat seems to be a diminishing role for this offense. Seth went...
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    Bits of Broken Chair

    Anyone see any references to this trophy by any coaches or players? I kind of liked how it formed organically a few years ago, as opposed to something forced like the Liberty Bell, then it just seemed to disappear. Heard it was reemerging as a fundraising tool for some local charities in...
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    Anyone who didn't have an oar, have one today?

    RTB! I understand the hesitancy that many have had to get on board and row, and understand why some might still not be on board. Anyone who wasn't on the boat, or was on the verge, now rowing? Curious to hear if anyone's opinions have changed.
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    Recruit. Curtis Dunlap

    De-committed from the Florida Gators today. Will visit the Gophers this week. Would be the highest rated player in this class. Every site i've checked out has him as a 4 star. ESPN has him rated the #123 prospect in the nation. 6'5" 368 lb OG.
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    Maxx Williams bowl game leaping #2 on sportscenter top 10 plays of bowl season.

    Pretty cool, can't wait to see this guy in the NFL. Video of play in the link.
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