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    Where are You Watching B1G West Title Game?

    Somewhere in the stadium! Maybe my seats, maybe the plaza or concourse...but definitely there!
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    Gopher recruits in all-star games

    Who are all the Gopher recruits (commits or targets) that are playing in all-star games this year? Doing some quick searching, here is what I've come up with. Please correct or add to this list so we know who to look for. Under Armor - Jan 2, 11am CST, ESPN Dredrick Snelson - commit (?)...
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    Error message re: Tapatalk

    I have been using Tapatalk on my iPad2 to access GopherHole. It's been working great. Since the site upgrade it has stopped working and can't access posts. I got an error message saying that the Tapatalk plugin was out of date. Though when I access the forums via Safari, I get a message that...
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    Young players contributing & talent evaluation

    I think it's very encouraging that we are playing so many FR & SO and they are producing. In particular we're seeing Kill's recruits contribute as true freshmen. Marcus Jones & Michael Amaefula (others?) are showing that Kill and staff can find and coach up talented football players even if...
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    Offensive play calling???

    Does anyone else think that the offensive play calling, particularly the run game, is too predictable and making us easy to defend? I'm not talking about needing anything too complex, but it doesn't feel like they have attacked the edges of the defense with anything except the bubble screen...
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    Where to watch???

    I can't get out to LA for the game, but I'd still rather watch the game with a crowd of fans. Anyone know of a bar/restaurant in the Twin Cities where there will be a good Gopher crowd? Go Gophers!
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    Will the change in D philosophy help our DL?

    As I've been reading about the change in D philosophy, particularly in what is expected of the DL, it makes me wonder if some of our players will actually be better in this new style. Take Garin for example, he was a pretty good pass rusher in HS, but looked lost last year. Could that have...
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    Which players benefit most from the new schemes?

    We have a new coaching staff that brings new offensive and defensive schemes with them. Which players do you all think will fit the new schemes appreciably better and therefore possibly contribute more next season? Here are a couple off the top of my head: - M. Gray -- I think this one is...
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    First two LOIs in hand...we have new Gophers!

    Per the Singing Day Live Blog, the first two LOIs to arrive were: Theiren Cockran Jephete Matilus Others that have arrived so far are John Rabe and Derrick Wells. The Blog is cool! It's an interactive chat and they are posting short videos of the OC & DC talking about each...
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    Big Picture = Things couldn't have gone better

    Focusing on where this team wants be at the end of the season, I don't think the game yesterday could have gone much better. Here's why I say that: - They learned how to deal with the nerves and hype of playing a name team and overcame it - They got their young bench players some good minutes...
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    Young WR Development

    Reading Marcus Fuller's blog it seems that DaJon McKnight has really stepped up and looks like the leading candidate to be the #2 WR. Anyone else a bit surprised and delighted by that? First off, it means that more of the SO WRs are getting it. We saw some nice things from Green and Brandon...
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    Brew tells Henderson he can play BB at the U

    Looks like Brew is pulling out all the stops to entice Seantrel Henderson. I like it! The following is from Sid's column today. Recruiting cooperation There already was lot of competition for the Gophers in recruiting of...
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    GI repprting a 2009 walk-on

    GI has a public teaser to an article that Tubby has added a walk-on to the class of 2009. Dominique Dawson, a 6'7" forward from Mpls. Southwest. I don't remember seeing him discussed here. What do people know about him?
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    GI thoughts on remaining D recruits

    There's a free article on GI about the Gophers 2009 defensive recruiting. Not a lot of new info, but a nice synopsis of the current verbals and the others they believe we are after.
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    MN Recruits in the UA game

    Alipate is in at QB. So far he's looked like the talented by raw prospect that we've heard about. He obviously has a big arm and seems to move around the pocket well. But he's also thrown a few into coverage a couple of times and a couple have been off-target. I'm excited about his...
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    I felt the same way watching both Gopher games today. Flashes of good things, but the Gophers are just not there yet. The bottom line for me is that we saw more of the same today. The big problem is the O-Line. We already knew that they need to mature and get better. Hopefully there is help...
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    Gray and Maresh officially sign!

    Found this is Marcus Fuller's blog this morning. Gray and Maresh are now official signed, sealed and delivered. These two players have already made a big impact on the program without ever suiting up: - Maresh - The...
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