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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    PLEASE NCAA, Take down UofA. Sean Miller and the UofA fans deserve to get hammered. Miller is one of, if not thee slimiest of the bunch!
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    Help Us Obi-Pitino Kenobi! You're Our Only Hope!

    With the way the football program is looking this year and the way the Vikes are heading, the only thing that could bring some joy to the state of Minnesota this winter could be the basketball program. It's your time to shine Pitino! Don't let us down!
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    Game time vs MTSU?

    UPDATED: Gopher/Middle Tennessee State Game Time is Approximately 3pm Hopefully it's at night. I've got class until 1.
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    Man I've seen some bad officiating this year but tonight's game was one of the worst. Some of those fouls on both sides were ridiculous. Hopefully we don't have to deal with him or his crew the rest of the way.
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    Sunday's Game Vs Michigan Just Got More Interesting!

    This just became a huge game! If it wasn't before it certainly is now. After the Wolverines knocked off Wisky they'll be ready for the road. Hopefully Pitino and Co. have the guys up for the challenge. Should be a good game!
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    Fran McCaffery, The New Bo Ryan??

    Looks like Bo is back! Man will he ever shut up?! His stomping around and the face he makes when he's not happy is beyond ridiculous. He's taken the mantle from Bo on the most annoying and hated coach in the Big Ten. So glad we won.
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    The Refs???

    So I can say anything about them or is someone just gonna say "we should've done this or that" better. Those dudes swallowed that whistle and made some pretty bad calls the whole night but the worst was in the last few minutes. I'm surprised Pitino didn't get a T. That phantom foul on Mason when...
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    I've never seen ****ter refs than I did tonight

    Wow. How bad were those 3? Man that was frustrating to watch.
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    Kansas gets another break

    Nice travel that wasn't called on the last play. Only the blue bloods get away with that shiz.
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    Is Peter Mortell a NFL Punter?

    Simple question, is Mortell good enough to make it in the NFL? What do you guys think.
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    BTN, BTN2GO and BTN PLus

    Hi guys. So to make a long story short, we got rid of cable to save some coin :cry: I'm pretty dissapointed that I won't be able to see the gophers this season. I've looked for other alternatives and I came across BTN2GO and BTN Plus. Does anyone know if I'll be able to watch all the gopher...
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    I'll see you guys in 2 weeks...

    I'll be back on in two weeks when the gophers play Iowa. I would suggest some of you do the same. This is gonna be doom and gloom until then so have fun with all the debby downers! see you in two weeks :cool02:
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    2013 Mike Miller Classic

    I just thought I would let people know that they can go see Rashad Vaughn and Reid Travis play eachother in December at the Mike Miller classic. It's Findley Prep vs DeLaSale Saturday night, december 28th in Mitchell, SD. Might be your first time seeing two future gophers playing against each...
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