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    I'm on record, I do not want Silicon Valley and the social media and data companies regulated. Even though they are my political enemy, I want them to maintain their freedom. I love Twitter, I think it's a genius platform, but it is run and influenced heavily by absolute radicals, and they...
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    Stomach Churning Video

    What a sick bastard.
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    Do You Agree With Walz Latest "Plan?"

    Select one, poll open 7 days, I'll make this a weekly thing if popular
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    USPS in Trouble

    Post office asking for $50 Billion bailout. This will likely become a hot topic soon. FYI, FedEx entire market cap is ~$32B. UPS $69B. This is a no brainer to me, let them fail. We don't need a post office anymore. Or let them find a way to make it work, maybe weekly delivery or...
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    Tara Reade Very confusing why we aren't hearing more about this?
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    I've been savaged on these boards for my movie/social/political opinions. "Life is so hard for 2! He can't even go to movies! It must be exhausting! Can't you just enjoy a movie and stop worrying so much?" From my perspective, almost all of hollywood, tv shows, netflix, disney, msm etc...
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    Security Passwords

    Thought this was interesting. We all hate passwords, it's so annoying when your computer makes you change them all the time, and you can't reuse any old ones. It's hard to keep track and remember. I just assumed that this was an organic requirement that companies adopted based on sound...
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    PJ and Politics

    Tell me if I’m way misreading things. PJs culture, is very progressive. To me it’s in a good way. He’s embracing the new, all about Being selfless and serving and giving. But it just has the feel of the good side of the political left. Contrast with Jerry Kill whose culture has a very old...
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    NBA and China

    No thread on this? I guess I'm not surprised. A bunch of cowards.
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    Carson King

    Anyone following this story? I had heard, but hadn't really understood until I started following last night. I can't ever remember a story making me more angry. Essentially, the guy just raised a bunch of money for a children's hospital. And the Des Moines register went digging thru...
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    Ms Nevada

    Stripped of her title for being pro Trump. Will the madness never end?
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    Hong Kong Protests

    Anyone paying attention? Or is this the kind of deal where Trump isn't siding with the protesters (incredibly), so the Trump fans don't care, and of course the board commies are hoping China squashes the capitalism out of Hong Kong, so no one cares? JTF is outraged at John Daly's shorts...
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    Dem Debates 2019

    Yikes. How do you say Yikes in Spanish? Howie must be loving this.
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    Culture War Great read from before the election, and very prescient. While the progs view voter's reaction as proof of a rampant racist society, Douthat explains why that's not so and what's really going on...
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    Joe Rogan

    Anyone a fan? Good lord, this is my favorite one I've ever watched. Adam Conover is like a mashup of CNC and Stocker
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    We Need to Have a Conversation

    I'm sure you have heard this phrase. It almost always comes from the left. It's meant to soften their intentions. We don't want to do XYZ, we aren't trying to force anything, we just want a conversation, we just want a dialogue. I beg you to watch this 2 minute video. I'm not a fan of...
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    Nuclear Power

    Thought this might garner its own thread. Take a look at this thread. Interesting stuff. Any of our brilliant scientist minds like CNC interested in commenting on the validity? <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Shocking. I thought for sure this was real. Howie bought it of course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Green New Deal

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Howie is surely very upset at the...
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    Music Analysis 1950s to Today: Sad and Angry While obvious to most people not named Howie, this is still a fascinating article. Songs released in the 1950s filled with joy. Anger and sadness disappeared from 1982-1984 Anger increased...
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